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Business Lobby launches its new Website




A user-friendly website developed to serve Job Seekers and Client companies!

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Business Lobby is pleased to announce the launch of their new and improved website. With this website, Business Lobby will be able to provide a more comprehensive source of company information, an easier job search for Job Seekers and enhanced options for companies recruiting employees for specific vacancies.

Now you can also check articles that are of interest to you, read success stories and blog posts, you can also book your place in workshops and events.

Tina Kfoury, Business Lobby Founder and General Manager, a true believer in the importance of change for the best, talked about this new step and change:

“Considerable thought has gone into the design of our web presence; we wanted to facilitate the communication between us and all Job Seekers from one side, and Clients companies from the other side and integrate with the Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,..

Our new website, built according to the latest technologies, now allows candidates to register as Job Seekers, get a user name and password, and add their CV or regularly update it. It also allows them to search for jobs by open position, keyword, country, company type and date. Job Seekers, by filling their preferred positions, will receive bi-monthly alerts on job opportunities suitable for their profiles. They may share the vacancies on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or send them to a friend. Job Seekers can also benefit from the information presented in the Job Seeker Guide and in the Career Builder.

For our Clients companies, they can now access our CVs database and view the candidates, kept anonymous of course, and set their selections criteria and preferences. They can also add vacancies and modify them as per their requirements. This mechanism speeds up the selection process and saves time and effort in filtering job candidates.

In addition to CV sorting, interested companies and individuals can view all our newsletters and blog posts, submit comments and write about their experience with Business Lobby. They can also be linked by a simple click to our linked-in Group, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Our members will also have the privilege to have access to First Class WORKSHOPS taking place in the region and benefit from discounted rates.”

If you are a Job Seeker or a company recruiting employees, if you are a new member or an old member, visit our updated website today WWW.BUSINESSLOBBY.NET

The Business Lobby Team




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Commented By: michel khoury
My CV describes the diversity of experience I have gained along my 8 years of expertise in running a buisness on all its operating levels. (Finance, Marketing, Operations and Personnel)

Commented By: tisysmody
Nice blog )

Commented By: Ibrahim Skaff
hope i become one of your team.
thank you,

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