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Business Lobby was founded in 2003 by Tina Badran Kfoury. At work, Tina Badran Kfoury tangibly identified the gap existing in the personnel hiring process. Several times, she found herself in a situation requiring her to hire new employees. The whole process of searching for the right candidate, setting interviews, selecting, negotiating and hiring was exhausting. It required extensive coordination, follow up and preparation; in brief it required too much logistical effort from the administrative team.

Thus, Business Lobby originated; a company to handle the hiring process of employees in companies from A to Z. Business Lobby will be in charge of the announcement of vacancy, identification of job specs, CVs reception and filtering, selection of potential candidates, interview appointments, salary and benefits negotiations and contract signing.

Business Lobby’s goal was to provide professional opportunities for candidates, develop people’s career, prepare candidates to occupy excellent positions and provide a solution for deficiencies in the labor market.

Still, the owner’s vision was much bigger; she wanted to expand internationally and to target higher positions. With hard work, determination, and commitment the vision came true. Business Lobby is now a Pioneer Talent Management Company, owning hubs in most of the countries of the world; hubs providing it with assistance in finding the best candidates in the country.

In 2011, 8 years after its establishment, Business Lobby holds its Victory high; it is an important Talent Management Company, with an imposing portfolio of regular and new clients, a database of over 200.000 curriculum vitae and success records for thousands of employees.

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