How to Become a Standout Candidate?

Do you have a business interview coming up in the next few days? Then keep on reading! Start by putting on your detective hat and investigate your potential employers; this is one of the best ways to become a standout candidate during the hiring process. Now, you are probably wondering, “Why should I spend time […]

Interview Etiquette

Knowing proper job interview etiquette is an important part of successful interviewing. How you dress, what you bring to a job interview, how you greet the interviewer, and how you communicate can all make a big difference in the outcome of the interview. Review these job interview tips for before, during, and after a job […]

Is The Art of Business Etiquette Dead?

Has an email ever rubbed you the wrong way? Don’t you receive mails with unspecified subject lines, or a “Reply All” mail that does not concern you at all? Is business etiquette a thing of the past? If you have asked these questions, you are not alone. As technology changes and cultures clash, the ways […]

Emotional Intelligence skills at the workplace

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage your emotions in positive and constructive ways. It’s about recognizing your own emotional state and the emotional states of others. It is also about engaging with others in ways that draw people to you. Recently, Emotional Intelligence has been validated with about 25 major […]

Secrets of Salary Negotiation during an Interview

Many people are self-conscious about themselves during an interview. They stress about everything from the first handshake to the last one. However, most people would agree that the most difficult part about landing a new job is the salary negotiation. It can be an uncomfortable conversation, but it has huge impact on your financial future. […]

Secrets of Winning a Job Interview!

Have you ever wondered why many well qualified and extremely able candidates fail at job interviews?   The answer is simple; Interviews aren’t easy to cope with especially if you are not aware of the interview conventions and interviewer’s expectations. Imagine yourself fighting for your dream job, how immense would the pressure be? To help […]