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The IQOS Lebanon Team

The IQOS Lebanon Team

Tobacco & Alternative to Smoking
We wanted to reiterate our thanks for bidding to the recruitment assignment to help us find qualified candidates for the position of IQOS Experts at Philip Morris in Lebanon. We were impressed to see the passion and professionalism shown from the moment we met you during the tender process. We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service Business Lobby provided. The team was available around the clock and ensured all candidates were thoroughly screened, met and interviewed and no side was left unturned. We look forward to continue to work together and hope you will continue to provide such excellent service to us.  

Kris Kashouh – Sales Expert


Job seeker
I stumbled upon business lobby by mistake, i never knew or heard about it. I really need to thank you guys for the efforts you put in and for the constant follow up. Very professional and you raise the standards up high! It was literally a miracle to find a job in the current situation in Lebanon, however Business Lobby made this miracle happen and here I am working at a multinational company. I am really forever thankful for this life-changing opportunity. Keep up the great work, Lebanese graduate youth need more people like you! Your services dont end after finding the job but even beyond that. Thank you so much  for your exceptional service, all the best to you and all the love! ❤️

Rosette Demirdjian – Operations Lead

Operations Lead

Job seeker
Business lobby family has made my journey in finding the right job so easy and smooth! Their professionalism and dedication in helping candidates are far beyond just a recruiting process. Thank you for making this happen!😊

Ryta Maksoud – Outdoor Sales Specialist

Outdoor Sales Specialist

Societe Distribution Eau de Tarchich sal (Talaya)
Job seeker
First, I would love to introduce myself briefly. My Name is Ryta Maksoud and I am a product specialist in the medical field. I have been looking for a job recently and got introduced to the Business Lobby services through the internet. I sent my CV and they managed to contact me for several job vacancies that match my qualifications. I would like to note and comment on the professional follow up they managed to do with me. For, they have followed up closely  until I got recruited in a very well known reputable company from 3 weeks. I would strongly recommend candidates to refer to the Buisness Lobby services for job vacancies. IT WAS VERY HELPFUL FOR ME.

Aad Fakhoury – Call Center Manager

Call Center Manager

Job seeker
I was recently placed at my current job by Business Lobby and couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you Business lobby for your constant support and professional service from the  beginning till the end of the recruitment process!

Youssef Fawaz

Senior Project Manager

Business Lobby is a decent and trusted recruiting agency, you can put all your trust and faith in this organization whenever you need to find a job. The representatives are very responsive and they always do their best to secure for you your dream job. I have personally obtained a very good job offer through Business Lobby in Saudi Arabia with one of the leading engineering companies. I strongly recommend this amazing agency to anyone who is looking for a job. All the best!