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Adnan Ukaily


I am really impressed by the high professionalism shown by all  Business Lobby staff. There were times I used to call them more than 7 times per day to inform them about modifications or to get updates and they were all the time accommodating for our changes with positive spirit and high professionalism.

Maya Abou Yared

Office Manager

Job seeker
I had a dormant profile with Business Lobby for quite some time now and was repeatedly approached for openings. I was not looking to move from my job at that time. The day I thought it was time to move and explore new horizons, the team at Business Lobby welcomed me and thoroughly discussed my experience and my goals in order to find me an adequate opening which they did – to my luck – in less than two (2) months.  The opening I applied to was directly handled by one of the Recruitment Consultants who juggled closely to meet her client’s expectations and requirements with my expectations and goals. She followed up closely on my interviews, feedback and concerns until the ‘perfect match” was reached. Hopefully I will be settling long terms in my new job and will not need Business Lobby’s assistance for new opportunities, but I will definitely keep referring their office to every friend in need to find an adequate job for his aims, goals and needs.

Alex Dermosessian

Contracts Manager-Partner


Business Lobby came in recommended from a good friend of ours.They are very cooperative, supportive and allocate enough time to selectively propose the appropriate candidate.

Tried several firms & job-posting websites, Business Lobby always came in first in providing the best candidates. We have hired over the years several candidates in different departments all of which were recommended by Business Lobby.

The Business Lobby team is a highly motivated, cooperative team, very understanding, good listeners, very picky in selecting the candidates. We definitely would recommend Business Lobby to our suppliers & business acquaintances.

All the best wishes & regards, keep it up.

Johnny Tawil

Manager sales executive

Real Estate
I would like to thank all the Business Lobby staff who as soon as I sent my resume, have directly contacted me and set an interview in order to target my job requirement in specific fields of business and maintain a database that insure to match any vacancy in the future! Thank you very much!

Dina El-Shenoufy


"With regional operations across MENA, we had to deal with recruiters in several countries; hardly any has managed to provide us with as an impeccable service as Business Lobby. Not only were they very professional in their dealings, we were very pleased that they have turned around a situation whereby we couldn't locate any suitable candidate for our vacant position to having 3 top-notch candidate all of whom would be perfect for our required role. Everyone is very friendly and helpful."

Isis Abdel Massih

Sales Assistant

The Silly Spoon
Job seeker
The Business Lobby team was very helpful and they provided me with a job opportunity that fit all my requirements. I would highly recommend Business Lobby to all the job seekers!