Don’t just take it from us, let our members do the talking!

Maya Abou Yared

Office Manager

Job seeker
I had a dormant profile with Business Lobby for quite some time now and was repeatedly approached for openings. I was not looking to move from my job at that time. The day I thought it was time to move and explore new horizons, the team at Business Lobby welcomed me and thoroughly discussed my experience and my goals in order to find me an adequate opening which they did – to my luck – in less than two (2) months.  The opening I applied to was directly handled by one of the Recruitment Consultants who juggled closely to meet her client’s expectations and requirements with my expectations and goals. She followed up closely on my interviews, feedback and concerns until the ‘perfect match” was reached. Hopefully I will be settling long terms in my new job and will not need Business Lobby’s assistance for new opportunities, but I will definitely keep referring their office to every friend in need to find an adequate job for his aims, goals and needs.

Isis Abdel Massih

Sales Assistant

The Silly Spoon
Job seeker
The Business Lobby team was very helpful and they provided me with a job opportunity that fit all my requirements. I would highly recommend Business Lobby to all the job seekers!  

Chef Amer Syouf

Executive Chef 

Bright Future Group
Job seeker
I would like to thank Business Lobby for the excellent performance and for the efforts and concern till this moment. You are the best recruitment agency I dealt with. I wish you all the best in the future.  

William Turk

Web Developer

Job seeker
Business Lobby team is amazing, very friendly, understanding, helpful and hard-working. With a very enthusiastic attitude they helped me find a new job. I highly recommend Business Lobby without hesitation.

Arsho Avedissian

 Senior Sales Executive

 Ninety Degrees
Job seeker
I would like to thank Business Lobby for the recruiting services provided. My experience with your company was very positive and successful, and I really appreciate all your follow-up calls just to check if everything is going well with the new employer. Please keep up the good work. Best of luck!!!  

Christiane Abi Samra

HR Manager Webcor

We Fashion Group
Job seeker
I would like to take a moment and express my positive experience with Business Lobby Recruitment Team. At Business Lobby, honesty is a policy. I got a job through them and during the whole process, I was receiving frequent calls to give me feedback. I felt I am important and was treated as so. This gave me the security that if I may not be suitable for the role I have applied for, they will go to consider me for the next one. Their professionalism is extended to a point to call and verify if everything goes well after the candidate joins the business and be in his role. With Business Lobby, the say There is nothing worse than being ignored so even if the truth hurts, silence hurts harder never exists . A recruitment Agency to trust! HR Manager Webcor ( We Fashion Group)