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January 2, 2019

January 2019 Newsletter

Many of us get to the end of the year with a handful of lessons, connections, dreams, pain, and hope. Many of us get to the Jan. 1 with a plan in mind, a plan some call a new year resolution. This plan consists of a list of hopeful goals, set towards the upcoming year that have been decided on because of the events or misfortunes that have happened in the previous year.

However, what we sometimes fail to remember is that New Year’s aren’t meant for a complete character or personality change, they are made for learning and growing. Building on what you already have. It is about reflecting on the past and noticing that change is needed.

Making your resolutions more realistic gives you a greater chance of keeping them throughout the entire year, as well integrating a healthy behaviour while doing so. The American Psychology Association shared a few healthy tips when thinking about your new year resolution:

Start Small

Decide on resolutions that can be attainable. It is not a “go hard or go home” situation. You need to set goals that are as realistic as possible. For example, if you aim to start exercising more often, start with getting a gym membership for three times a week rather than seven times. This way, you are paving the way for positive emotions towards your aim, instead of seeing your aim like a form of punishment.

Change one behaviour at a time 

Work towards replacing the unhealthy behaviours you have developed over time, with healthy ones. This requires time and patience, which surely can’t be rushed. There is no need to reassess everything in your life all at once, instead, work to change one thing at a time.

Talk about it 

Talking about your resolutions with family and friends and finding support can help you reach your goals. Try forming a group or take a class with others who have common goals. Having someone to share your struggles and successes with makes sticking to your resolutions less overwhelming.

Don’t beat yourself up

We all make mistakes and we all learn a ton from them. So when you feel like you broke your resolution, keep in mind that everyone has ups and downs. resolve to recover from your mistakes and get back on track. Keep in mind that even the most perfect people are not perfect, therefore it is okay if you come across a minor misstep.

Ask for support 

Admitting that you need help is a big step forward. There is no shame in accepting help from those who care about you because they will listen, strengthen your resilience, and help you manage stress caused by your resolution. There is also no shame in seeking professional help. Psychologist, support groups, professionals in the field you have set a resolution, they are all here to help.

Setting small, attainable goals throughout the year, instead of an overwhelming goal on Jan. 1, can help you reach whatever it is you strive for.

“Remember, it is not the extent of the change that matters, but rather the act of recognizing that lifestyle change is important and working toward it, one step at a time.” - Lynn Bufka


Jade N. Kfoury

“Whatever it is you're scared of doing, Do it.” ― Neil Gaiman

  • Tax Accounting Manager
  • Job ID J006324
  • A multinational Investment, commercial and industrial group of companies in the Middle East. With offices in the US, Europe, and the Middle East is recruiting a Tax Accounting Manager for their offices in Greece. The successful candidate along with the Finance team will be responsible for a variety of corporate tax/accounting matters and tax procedures […]
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  • Job ID J006144
  • An international privately owned investment company in Greece is recruiting a Treasury Manager: Responsibilities: – Understand, manage, and supervise all aspects of cash flow. – Forecast daily cash requirements and execute daily financing decisions. – Prepare or monitor company’s various cash flow forecasts and perform financial modeling. – Implement macro hedging strategies for the balance […]
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  • Marketing Manager
  • Job ID J006284
  • A Cosmetics company in Kuwait is looking for a Marketing Manager. Responsibilities: – Manage all marketing for the company and activities within the marketing department; – Coordinating marketing campaigns with sales and promotional activities; – Presenting ideas and strategies of marketing for whole year; – Organizing events ad product exhibitions; – Assisting campaigns i.e Ads, […]
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  • Cosmetics Sales Consultant
  • Job ID J6109
  • A cosmetics company is looking for Cosmetics Sales Consultants candidates. Requirements: – 2 years of experience in sales.Background in cosmetics is a plus. – Preferably based in Kuwait. Salary range between USD1,150 – USD 1,648 + commission + Housing allowance USD400 + Bonuses 6 working days schedule 9-5 or 1-9 30 Days paid leave
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  • Social Media – Graphic Designer
  • Job ID J6111
  • A Cosmetics company in Kuwait is recruiting a Social Media – Graphic Designer candidate with relevant experience.   Job Description: – Design and develop exciting social media pages and applications. – Design customized and interactive sections and applications while ensuring that all content is search engine optimization compliant…   Requirements: – Graphic Design background. – […]
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  • Skin Care Consultant
  • Job ID J6110
  • A Cosmetics Company is recruiting a Skin Care Consultant, with sales skills. Job Description: – Evaluate clients’ skin condition and appearance – Discuss available treatments and determine which products will improve clients’ skin quality. – Recommend skin care products, such as cleansers, lotions, or creams. – Teach and advise clients on how to take care […]
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  • Brand Manager
  • Job ID J006285
  • A Cosmetics company in Kuwait is looking for a Brand Manager. Responsibilities: • Brand Manager must have a good understanding of their customers and have strong creative, analytical and organizational skills. • She/he must also hand a good handle on consumer and market insights, including the ability to analyze market data. • The position requires […]
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  • Indoor Sales (Multinational Retail)
  • Job ID J006329
  • Our client a mutlinational retail company is looking for Sales Experts in different Beirut regions: Responsibilities: – Understand the customer care process so as to equip the consumer with the relevant knowledge – Contact people when they require assistance post purchase. – Understand the warranty and subscription policies so as to best inform the consumer. […]
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  • Logistics and Fleet Manager
  • Job ID J006323
  • Our client an FMCG company in Sodeco is looking for a Logistics and Fleet Manager with relevant experience: Responsibilities: – Resources and identifies potential and convenient warehouses with specified budgets and standards per area – Resources and procures warehouse storage entities and tools – Resources and selects the proper contacting parties with close follow-up during […]
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  • Marketing Manager
  • Job ID J006314
  • An FMCG company in Beirut is looking for a Marketing Manager Responsibilities: Promotes and positions the brand based on each area and its requisites. • Creates tools to acquire users, and increase basket values, via different channels of marketing including BTL, ATL and TTL. • Contributes in setting the yearly sales targets and budgets; and […]
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  • Demand Planner
  • Job ID J006231
  • An online groceries delivery company in Sodeco is looking for a Demand Planner in FMCG: Responsibilities: Demand planning: • Maintains the stock coverage level per SKU and warehouse while maximizing the profitability of the inventory flow • Provides for stock management on an ongoing basis, studies consumption trends based on the sales figures, and recommends […]
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  • Category Manager
  • Job ID J006310
  • A Groceries Delivery company in Sodeco is looking for an FMCG Category Manager: Responsibilities: 1. Identifies and establishes long-term partnerships with direct distributors and wholesalers 2. Negotiates and sets yearly contracts with vendors based on the best commercial terms 3. Responsible of vending the promotional spaces of the platform to the distributors against set marketing […]
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  • Account Executive
  • Job ID J006223
  • Beirut – Lebanon: Our client, a highly creative marketing and branding Start-up company in Beirut is recruiting an Account Executive. If you are enthusiastic and passionate about working with a start-up highly creative branding company, which also manufactures products and creates new concepts, please read on: Responsibilities: Handling a set of client accounts Selling out-of-the-box […]
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  • IOS App Developer
  • Job ID J006210
  • A Digital Consulting & Creative Services company in Hazmieh is looking for an IOS App Developer: Responsibilities: – View and identify key application features – Collaborate with other IT experts ( Android, IOS and Server Side) to set new apps requirements – Constantly integrate on current mobile applications – Devise user stories, technical and functional […]
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  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Job ID J006028
  • We are looking for passionale Recruitment Consultants to join our team. >>Job description A Recruitment Consultant is responsible for helping employer clients to recruit staff for job vacancies. These vacancies can be permanent or temporary roles, and can range from junior level staff to managers and directors. Recruitment Consultants develop an understanding of their client’s […]
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  • Senior Accountant
  • Job ID J006168
  • An Audit firm located in Saifi is recruiting a Senior Accountant with previous Audit Firm experience. Responsibilities: • Conduct monthly and quarterly accounts reconciliations to ensure accurate reporting and ledger maintenance, • Support month-end and year-end closing procedures, • Income Tax On Salaries: • Preparation of Quarterly and yearly reports to the ministry of finance […]
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  • Software Engineer
  • Job ID J006294
  • A GPS Navigation and Vehicle Tracking systems seller in Hazmieh is looking for a Software Engineer: Responsibilities: • Work within a team of highly skilled engineers in developing next gen asset management solutions. • Research, design, build and maintain custom backend/frontend applications and services. • Build solutions that tackle various engineering challenges including Big-Data analytics, […]
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  • Senior Project Manager/FinTech Platfrom
  • Job ID J006260
  • A telecommunication company in Hazmieh is looking for a Senior Project Manager/ Fintech Platform: Respnsibilities: – Developing Applications on Fintech Platforms Requirements: – Bachelors’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer and Communications Engineering – No less than 5 years hands-on programming experience – FinTech Industry experience is a MUST – Experience building AI models is […]
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  • Senior Front-End Developer on Fintech
  • Job ID J006292
  • A telecommunication company in Hazmieh is looking for a Senior Front End Developer on Fintech Platforms: Responsibilities: – Working with clients and employers to develop ideas for a new website or renovating an existing website. – Help to develop a plan for structuring and presenting that information throughout the site. – Selecting, optimizing and, in […]
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  • Product Manager
  • Job ID J006279
  • A Luxury Fashion Retail company in Achrafieh is looking for a Product Manager Responsibilities: – Set out the sprint cycle and lead the sprint planning, including the creation of user stories for current and future products. Summarize and present back all findings of each sprint cycle to the relevant senior stakeholders in a show and […]
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  • Marketing Executive
  • Job ID J006280
  • A Luxury Fashion Retail company in Achrafieh are looking for a Junior Marketing Executive Responsibilities: – Execute Facebook and Instagram campaigns – Execute Google Ad campaigns – Execute Newsletter campaigns – Generate varying reports for analysis (Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Power BI…) – Aid team in the creative process – Research and develop new ideas […]
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  • Fiber Optic Senior Technician
  • Job ID J006170
  • A Telecom Company in Roumieh – Lebanon, is looking for a Fiber Optics Senior Technician with relative experience Responsibilities: – To be able to implement all fiber work procedures. – To be able to perform splicing of fiber. – To be able to perform fiber installation ( including pulling, joint closure, termination…) – To be […]
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  • Field Service Technician
  • Job ID J006220
  • Jal El Dib – An Internet Provider in recruiting a Field Service Technician with relevant experience in electrical cabling and/or fiber splicing. Responsibilities: –  Provide field services and technical support to customers. –  Install, troubleshoot, and repair various data cables (copper/fiber optic) for both residential and commercial environments. –  Install various support structures, including cable […]
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  • Senior Travel Agent
  • Job ID J006196
  • A Travel Agency is recruiting a female Senior Travel Agent with relevant experience. Responsibilities: – Handles  incoming clients requests; Ensures that client’s data are complete and up to date. – Prepare quotations and proposals  to customers. – Update the Sales Force – Ensures client satisfaction during and after sales service. Requirements: – 5 years of […]
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  • Telecom Country Manager
  • Job ID J6254
  • A leading Telecommunication Company is recruiting a Country Manager for its Lebanon Operation. The country manager will be responsible for the organization of the in-country affiliate in terms of commercial development, operational structure and financial results. He is Responsible for handling business operations, developing business, attracting new partners, managing supplier relationships, and increasing customer satisfaction. […]
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  • Fullstack Developer on Node JS/AngularJS/ExpressJS
  • Job ID J006238
  • A Software House in Adlieh is looking for a Full Stack Developer on NodeJS/AngularJS/ ExpressJS Respponsibilities – Integration of user-facing elements with server side logic – Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code – Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, and performant applications – Implementation of security and data protection – Delivering a complete front end […]
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  • Android App Developer
  • Job ID J006211
  • A Digital Consulting & Creative Services company in Hazmieh is looking for an Android App Developer: Responsibilities: – View and identify key application features – Collaborate with other IT experts ( Android, IOS and Server Side) to set new apps requirements – Constantly integrate on current mobile applications – Devise user stories, technical and functional […]
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Saudi Arabia
  • Sales Manager (Chilled Meats)
  • Job ID J006325
  • Our client a chilled meats company is KSA is looking for a Sales Manager: Requirements: – Good relavant experienc working with meats and poultry – Good knowledge in distribution to hotels, restaurants, cafés and supermarkets – Knowledge of Saudi market is a plus – Ability to launch a new brand in the market – Ability […]
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  • Executive Chef and Operations Manager
  • Job ID J006313
  • A Coffee Shop in KSA is looking for an Executive Chef & Operations Manager. Responsibilities: – Prepare food; – Manage day-to-day Kitchen operations and Culinary team; ƒ – Execution of Daily Food Service, Quality, Technique, Portion, Presentation and Food Cost Control; – ƒSupport management with Catering Proposals, Menu Pricing and Menu Innovation; – ƒTrack food […]
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  • Personal Attendant and Home Tutor
  • Job ID J006309
  • A Family in KSA is looking for a Personal Attendant and Home Tutor: REQUIREMENTS: Speak, read and write English, French & Arabic. Excellent oral and written communication skills. A professional and friendly attitude. Ability to teach young children/students at private level. Have up-to-date knowledge about learning theories, techniques and resources. Use word processing, presentation, bookkeeping […]
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  • Florist/Event Florist Specialist
  • Job ID J006298
  • Ou client a coffee shop owner and event planner in KSA is looking for a Florist Specialist: Responsibilities: ◾Selecting flowers according to freshness, seasonality and appearance for displays and decoration. ◾Creating original bouquets and bespoke bouquets for individual customers. ◾Helping customers choose the right flowers for a particular occasion. ◾Attending special functions and events to […]
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Sierra Leone
  • Executive Chef
  • Job ID J006162
  • A Hotel in Sierra Leone is recruiting an Executive Chef with 4 years of relevant Experience Job Description: – Create new Menus – Create higher Sales – To manage and handle different outlets like: breakfast, lunch , dinner, functions and banquets. Requirements: – 4 years of Experience as Executive chef – Previous work in Hotels […]
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South Sudan
  • Corporate Sales
  • Job ID J00618
  • A pioneer Internet Service Provider is recruiting Corporate Sales Executive with relevent sales experience. Responsibilities: – Reach and maintain targets set by the company. – Document and deliver sales reports. – Follow up with existing clients and acquire new ones. Requirements: – Previous sales experience in ISP company – Language: English is a must Location: Juba, […]
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United States
  • Telecom Construction Manager
  • Job ID J006315
  • A reputable telecommunication company in the USA is looking for a Construction Manager: Responsibilities: – Make sure that company procedure are being implemented – Follow up with the PIP with customers – Follow up on the acceptance of the tasks – Assign teams to tasks & assign staff with teams – Prepare a daily plan […]
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  • Telecom Technician
  • Job ID J006188
  • A Telecom Company in USA is looking for Telecom Technicians with American or Canadian Citizenship:   Responsibilities:   To manage the telecom team in migrating equipment’s from 4G to 5G • Make installation of cable, ducts, cable tray, telecom equipment • Skills for installing equipment (electrical and telecom ) • Knowledge in using Tools (Drill, […]
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  • Telecom Tower Climber
  • Job ID J006189
  • A Telecom Company in USA is looking for Telecom Riggers (Tower Climbers) with American or Canadian Citizenship:   Responsibilities:   To manage the telecom team in migrating equipment’s from 4G to 5G • Can climb towers and better have OHSAS certificate • Make installation of cable, ducts , cable tray, telecom equipment • Skills for […]
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  • Telecom Team Leader
  • Job ID J006190
  • A Telecom Company in USA is looking for a Telecom Team Leader with American or Canadian Citizenship: Responsibilities: To manage the telecom team in migrating equipment’s from 4G to 5G • Provides direction, Instructions, and guidance to the team members • Listens to team members’ feedback • Motivate & inspire team members • Support new […]
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Business Lobby came in recommended from a good friend of ours.They are very cooperative, supportive and allocate enough time to selectively propose the appropriate candidate.

Tried several firms & job-posting websites, Business Lobby always came in first in providing the best candidates. We have hired over the years several candidates in different departments all of which were recommended by Business Lobby.

The Business Lobby team is a highly motivated, cooperative team, very understanding, good listeners, very picky in selecting the candidates. We definitely would recommend Business Lobby to our suppliers & business acquaintances.

All the best wishes & regards, keep it up.

Alex Dermosessian

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