June 1, 2018

Asking For Help Is a Sign of Strength… Not Weakness!

As we grow up, our parents encourage us to be strong, independent, self-reliable and autonomous. With that being said, we rarely feel that it is allowed to ask for help, and yet tend to believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness, vulnerability and dependence. Thus, we struggle alone, and deploy all efforts to rely on ourselves only.



However, in the professional life, most of us have ups and downs, and with the rapidly changing world, no one can have a comprehensive knowledge in everything, which raises the need to ask for help and advice.

Thus, nowadays, schools tend more and more to develop team work practices in class and foster collaboration skills among students, to help them become tomorrow’s leaders.

Today’s leaders constantly focus on team work and on the collaborative approaches, as we never accomplish anything on our own, and we shouldn’t want to. Perhaps learning to openly ask for support is one of the hardest skills to acquire in life, yet it is also one of the main skills that would help us progress in our career and life and be a stronger leader.

To foster this skill and develop it, we will have a look at the reasons why people often find it hard to ask for support and the way we should look at things.

People believe that asking for support make them lose control of the situationlook weakowe other’s favors and thus be obliged to pay them back and impose themselves on others.

However, the reality is way different and things are much simpler than we usually believe; it resides in the fact that we are human beings and not super strong creatures.

Researchers have proved that leaders who are open, and courageous to ask for support become stronger and more powerful since by asking for support they share their tasks, thus make the work process more smoothallow others to show their talents and strengths, experience with others the joy of giving and takingstrengthen trust between them and their supporters, acknowledge that we are all humans who can make mistakes and grow.

So, let us all throw behind these misconceptions and embrace the spirit of support and asking for help, as asking for help is a sign of strength and not a sign of weakness!


The Business Lobby team.


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