June 1, 2018

Best Qualities of People to Work With

Most of us spend in the workplace more than two third of our day, and one of the key components to being happy in the workplace is to be surrounded by nice people, people who have certain qualities that would help make things easier for us and make the job run smoothly.

What are the most important qualities that must be found in the people with whom we work?



  • Intelligence: This is a main trait, as productivity and contribution to the workflow will be determined by a person’s level of intelligence. Intelligent people have the ability to plan, organize, set priorities, deal with the daily challenges, and make things run smoothly.

  • Leadership: Leadership consists at the willingness to accept responsibility and be held accountable for the results. It also includes the ability to take charge, and volunteer for assignments, and not making excuses when assigned to handle a given task.

  • Likability: We all like being around people who are warm, friendly, easygoing and cooperative. Those kinds of people are great at teamwork, and make your work experience much more amusing.

  • Confidence: When you are confident of what you do, this means you have the determination and the ability to preserve in the face of adversity. It means that you remain calm and relaxed during crisis and fear nothing that may arise during the work process.

  • Sincerity: Being sincere in all what you do is a key to success as the basis of any successful business relationship is trust. If you start with dishonesty, you will lose your integrity and people would stop trusting you. It would not be comfortable for you to feel that your colleagues doubt everything you say.

These main traits added to flexibility, consideration and respect are key traits to building a sustainable relationship with your colleagues, and being a person that everyone enjoys working with and being around.


The Business Lobby team.


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