May 31, 2018

Everybody Makes Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, is a common statement that leaves a great deal of impact on employees and on the whole policy of a company.

Some companies are more flexible than others with regards to mistakes; employees are allowed to commit a mistake once, and if this happens, all the employees support them to rectify the error and limit the loss. However, if the employee makes the same mistake twice, he is left on his own, with no one to support him.

In addition, some companies believe that if you don’t commit any mistakes, then you are doing nothing. While committing mistakes you reach great ideas and innovation, and when going out of your comfort zone, you grow and make new discoveries and learn great lessons.

Thus, great leaders in companies allow their employees to commit mistakes, yet good employees are those who show a certain attitude when committing mistakes.


          First, they learn from the mistakes; they do not get defensive, but on the contrary they try to evaluate the situation and understand what went wrong.

         Second, they hold themselves accountable for the mistakes, and admit their fault and express their willingness to learn from that experience.

         Third, they correct the mistakes at any price and do their best to repair the damage and prevent it from increasing.

          Fourth, they set boundaries to avoid committing the same error in the future. This would enhance their learning and enrich their experience.

If a person admits his error, apologizes for it, acknowledges what he did wrong, attests to fix the mistake, assures that he won’t repeat it again and abstains from repeating it, he would increase the level of respect of the colleagues and managers towards him, and gain a better experience from which he could take advantage for years and years to come.

The Business Lobby Team


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