May 31, 2018

5 habits that lead to failure

When you set your mind to reaching success, you should not only do what works, but also avoid what it doesn’t. Thus, you should avoid the habits that would ruin your life and career.

Here are some habits that you may be doing, even not with a bad intention, and that you should definitely give up.

1- THINKING IN A NEGATIVE WAY If you have negative thoughts, then you are likely to practice negative actions. Thus, it is imperative to reverse all negative thinking with positive thoughts. Believe in yourself so that others believe in you. Think positively, so that your conscious mind practices what your subconscious preaches.

2-AVOIDING RISKS Some people are always afraid of taking risks; they fear failure and are anxious of others’ reactions and perceptions. Always remember that taking calculated risks carries reward without devastating risks, as successful people take risks every single day.

3- SETTING UNREALISTIC GOALS If you set unrealistic goals, you will certainly fail. Try climbing the stairs one step at a time and you will reach the top of the stairs. 

4- NOT ASKING FOR HELP If you know you need help, you should ask for it. Refusing to admit this, won’t make you any stronger or won’t make you more ambitious. It shall only lead to failure.

5-FOLLOWING WHAT IS POPULAR NOT WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU Some people believe that simply because someone succeeded in a given domain, they should do the same and they will definitely succeed; however, this is not the case.  Evaluate your skills and consider your knowledge and know-how before blindly copying others’ experiences.


The Business Lobby Team


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