May 31, 2018

Five Tips to Ace a Skype Interview

Skype has facilitated communication a lot, thus, nowadays; many employers prefer to undertake a Skype interview with potential candidates rather than asking them to come in person. Succeeding a job interview is not an easy task, here are some useful tips that would help you ace your interview.

1- Do you research and check out the company's website, Facebook page and Twitter feed to get a feel for how employees dress and behave.

2- Prepare your surroundings, and be keen to show a clean and well organized background. Don’t do your interview in a crowded place, where there are many disturbances. Check the lighting and the connection, and test your microphone also.   

3- Turn off your phone, as if you are in a real interview to avoid being interrupted.

4-Dress for success, just because you’re having a video interview and not meeting someone in person doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still dress appropriately.

5- Practice the interview; connect with a friend on Skype and undertake a fake interview with him. Make sure your Skype name is appropriate, that the connection is good and that you are looking at your interlocutor right in the eyes.


Finally, remember to be natural and flexible; you are having a live interview and anything can happen at the last minute, so be relaxed and don’t panic.


The Business Lobby Team


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