May 31, 2018

Importance of leaving work at 5

In our busy working days, and due to the significant work load we have, we tend to stay late at work, every day or most of the days of the week, in order to get things done. It seems that leaving work on time became an old and forgotten habit for many, to the extent that some don’t even remember ever leaving work on time.

So, why not trying to leave work on time for a whole week and see how it goes, and then decide whether to make it a new habit or not.

The key rule to do so is to force yourself to leave at time; set up the alarm clock at five, ask a friend to call you at quarter past five to remind you it’s time to start packing your stuff, or set your computer’s calendar to do so.

Focusing on leaving work on time means doing all the work, or its bigger part on time. Train yourself to work in a more efficient manner. Limit your coffee breaks, cut down unnecessary discussions and meandering meetings, stop writing long emails, arrange your priorities in a smart and productive way and limit the procrastination.

Enjoy the additional time you have; it won’t do you any harm to have one or two hours a day for yourself; you could spend them with your family, go shopping, practice your hobby, catch up with old friends, or even relax watching a movie you like. Taking time for you will help you release the tension, do better work, and definitely be a better person, as you would be able to live a multi-dimensional life.

Finally, the most important lesson to learn is that leaving some not urgent tasks unattended is not the end of the world. Reaching the end of the day with all tasks completed and all emails answered is almost impossible. Set up your priorities and arrange your time and work productively, and you will certainly be able to leave work at five and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Try it for a week, reap the benefits and it will soon become a habit hard to quit!

The Business Lobby team.


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