October 28, 2021

Looking for a job? Don’t follow these advices anymore

Searching for a job has becoming more challenging, and modern recruiters have plenty of applications to choose from, making it difficult for you to stand out from the crowd.

While labor market changes rapidly, job hunting practices are no longer relevant couple years later. So I you are really looking for a job, here are some advices that are no longer applicable:


  1. Your resume should be only one page

While you resume is a valuable document to tell your employers about your experiences and background, you don’t have to worry if that’s more than one page, as long as you’ve created space and respecting margins and using the right font without leaving blank spaces and gaps between paragraphs.


  1. Bigger companies are better

Researches show that employees always try to apply for big companies because they offer job security, professional development and name recognition. But many times at small companies, you get the chance to work with senior management, and employees are more likely to be valued.

Both have benefits, but you have to you have to choose what is best for you at this stage of your career.


  1. Don’t consider jobs with lower titles

It is recognized that taking a job with lower title could offend your future career, but job titles are inconsistent with the actual position. Depending on the company’s size, sometimes an employee with a certain job title might have responsibilities that allow them a much higher title.

To avoid being limited with opportunities, don’t use a specific term or keyword when searching for a job, and don’t judge a position by its title, you have to evaluate if you fit by reading its job description.


  1. No need for professional references

One of the overrated advices that we usually hear is that you don't need to have a list of professional references. The reality is that some employers want to talk to previous employers, so if you don't make this option available to companies, you could miss out on potential job opportunities.


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