May 31, 2018

Run for your life!

Job hunting can be stressful, especially in this highly competitive market, where a person

has to deploy all efforts to find a job and provide a living. However, there is nothing worse

than working in the wrong job, even if for a few months, a few weeks or even a few days.

This would render you depressed and would obstruct your motive to search for a new job

or even enjoy working.

Thus, here are few hints that would make you realize that this job opportunity

is not convenient, so you run for your life before that you ruin your life.

1- The recruiting company keeps on sending you tests and questionnaires before having any single interaction with you, on the personal level.

2- The person interviewing you keeps on asking for references, and readiness to work overtime, and commitment level, before even sharing with you any details about the job available.

3- They give you unreasonable or very short time to attend the interview or start the job.

4- You don’t get the chance to meet your direct manager or the team members.

5 - They ask for proof of your previous income and insist on this point before negotiating  any offer with you.

6- They ask you intrusive requests and don’t tell you anything important about the job.

7- You have a bad feeling about what is going on; your stomach hurts, you feel nauseous, you are shaking.All these reasons are true indicators that this job opportunity doesn’t suit you.

Put it behind you, stay optimistic and search for the right opportunity!

You will definitely reach it, with good will, determination, and a smart eye and mind!

The Business Lobby team.


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