March 1, 2021

Staying Motivated While Working from Home 

Work, work, work… from home. I’m sure that many of us have been feeling tired of working from home. We feel stuck in a routine that we can’t escape, and rather than being able to finish work and relax we’re stuck in a continuous loop in which our work and home lives are no longer separate. So, how do we maintain the balance while working from home? How can we wake up feeling motivated to work without pushing ourselves towards burnout?

1. Get Dressed and Feel Ready
Getting dressed in the morning sets us in the job mentality. By changing from our pyjamas to professional or casual clothes, we feel refreshed and ready to get to work!

2. Natural Light and Designated Workspace
Being at home all day can make us feel trapped and tired. By making the best of the situation and having a designated workspace, you can keep the physical boundary between your personal and professional life. Something else we can do to avoid monotonous work days is try to sit near a window or balcony. When we sit next to areas that are well lit, with natural light, we feel calm and vitalized. It also gives us a change of scenery!

3. Work, Finish, & Disconnect
Working from home has somehow molded the entire day into an endless timeline. Sometimes a client might call you at 8pm while you’re having dinner with family or watching your show. Do you take the call? That’s up to you. If you enjoy taking the calls or finishing up the work after hours, then do that! If not, then feel free to put boundaries by answering the calls or emails the next day during your work hours.

4. Keep Connected
If you have any work colleagues that you feel comfortable speaking to, keep connected with them! You can give them a call from time to time to see how the work is going, or maybe to share a funny story about a client. Any little chat could change your mood a bit and give you a sense of normalcy!

It may not seem like these are big tips and tricks, but they can definitely make a change. Try them out and see how they work out for you! 

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