June 1, 2018

This Summer… Dare to Take a Vacation!

Summer has just started … It is the perfect time to take a vacation.

Many people claim they don’t have time to take a vacation or their presence at work is indispensable, or even consider taking a vacation a sign of weakness. They feel guilt for taking time off even though they have earned it.

To those people we say that Studies have shown that not taking vacations is linked to health problems. If people skip vacations, there's a chance that they may die younger than those who don't.

We are all well aware that stress is harmful to our health. It causes problems ranging from ulcers to body aches to insomnia. Vacations are one of the major antidotes to stress.

Vacations have the potential to break into the stress cycle. We emerge from a successful vacation feeling ready to take on the world again. We gain perspective on our problems, get to relax with our families and friends, and get a break from our usual routines.


So our advice to you is:

- Take every day of vacation you're given. You'll get more overall work done at a higher level of quality if you take your vacations.

- Take some sort of vacation (even if you stay at home) at least every three months.

- Truly disengage when you go on vacation.

- Don't settle for three or four days off. Short periods are fine, but they're not sufficient. If you have an intense job, you should take at least two consecutive weeks away from work to fully restore yourself.

So if you're thinking of skipping your vacation, it's not too late to change your mind. The summer just started. You'll feel better rested, healthier and more productive.

Or, you can choose to keep working non-stop like a hamster running on a wheel that keeps going faster and faster. Until, finally, one day, you collapse, are carried off on a stretcher, and replaced by a similar looking creature.

What's it going to be?

We bet you chose to take a vacation; therefore, here are some advice that will help you travel like a Pro:

- Pack light. Using a carry-on can save you time and money.

- Learn how to say “thank you” in every language. Whether it’s “gracias,” “danke” or “xièxiè,” it’s unbelievable how much those simple words can open up doors.

- Keep it real. Immerse yourself in the true local flavor of any city you visit. Ask the people who live there what to go see… what isn’t in the typical tourist guide.

- Fight jet lag. Seems obvious, but it’s hard to do. Don’t go to sleep as soon as you get to your hotel room.

- Be loyal. When you can, try to consolidate your travel with just a few providers. You’ll be rewarded with upgrades or amenities.

- Get out of your hotel. 
Even if you are traveling for business, squeeze in a quick city tour or a performance that’s unique to the city you’re visiting.

- Collect moments, not stuff. The best memories are made with the ones you love. Souvenirs can be great, but learning and experiencing something new (or laughing about the time you got lost together in a new place) is even better.

- Tip the housekeeper. Housekeepers are a hardworking bunch, so I say, “Yes, please tip.” It’s best to tip a small amount every day rather than a larger lump sum at the end to make sure you reward the housekeeper who worked each day, rather than the one who worked the last day of your stay.

Hope you enjoy your vacation!




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