May 31, 2018

Ways to spot an exceptional employee

A company includes large numbers of employees that are most of the times qualified, and equipped with knowledge, know-how and expertise. Yet, sometimes we meet few employees that are different than others, employees that are exceptional and combine in themselves various traits that render them so special and exceptional. Let’s have a look at these traits which would help detect the exceptional employee and notice him, even if working between hundreds.

1- An exceptional employee works hard without expecting a reward; he knows that he would be rewarded but doesn’t care if he doesn’t. He works for the simple joy of working.
2- An exceptional employee doesn’t fear conflicts; despite the fact that he doesn’t search for conflict or create it, an exceptional employee is courageous and doesn’t escape from conflicts.
3- An exceptional employee admits when he makes a mistake and strives to correct what went wrong; he never escapes from the reality or denies it.
4- An exceptional employee is sociable, his colleagues love him, and he has integrity and leadership skills. He is able to positively promote the company and represent it honorably. He creates a positive presence wherever he is.
5- An exceptional employee leads by enthusiasm and productivity, even when he’s not the official leader of the team.
6- An exceptional employee is serious about working on the long run and doesn’t constantly search for another job.

So, in brief, having complicated skills, high degrees and years and years of experience, won’t make a person an exceptional employee; this quality is born with the person, nurtured from young age and developed with know-how.

The Business Lobby team.


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