May 31, 2018

Why do recruiters say you are overqualified?

Getting called overqualified is a general explanation employers use to avoid telling you the real reason they don't want to hire you. Here are some possible reasons they really aren't hiring you.
1- Sometimes it might mean that your personality isn't a match for the office or the department culture.

You were either too upbeat or too low-key and came across wrong.

2- You might be too expensive.

Before starting a recruitment process, employers usually know roughly how much they can afford to pay the new hire. Having more experience and skills than other candidates, employers recognize that you bring more value and are perceived as needing higher pay.

3- It might also be because you don't look like you would fit in.

Your attire indicated that you weren't the type of person that would be a fit for the organization. 

4- You might seem like a slow worker:

Your voice speed was slow, methodical, and gave off the impression that you wouldn't be able to keep up with the pace of the work environment.

5- Employer might get concerned you’ll be unwilling to do tasks ‘beneath you’

You might be willing to do whatever the job requires, but if you’ve held equivalent or higher positions in the past, maybe there are some tasks you just won’t touch because you see your time as too valuable…

6- Some managers would view you as a potential internal competitor.

Many bosses and managers are insecure in their roles, regardless of whether they merit them or not.  If you’re being managed by people who know less than you do about your department’s function and responsibilities; If you’re generating results above and beyond what’s expected for someone in your job description to the point that people turn to you instead of your boss for counsel, expertise, and guidance, you’re probably overqualified.

Many are the reasons why recruiters tell you that you are overqualified however this should not deter you from pursuing your dreams.


The Business Lobby team.


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