May 31, 2018

Why is Sweden shifting to 6 hours working days

Imagine your life with less working hours, less routine meetings, and more time to relax, stay with your family and practice your favorite hobby? Wouldn’t that be a blessing!!!!

Various studies show that it is nearly impossible for a person to stay focused on work for eight consecutive hours. To avoid fatigue and stress due to this long working schedule, that most of the employees, are bound to abide by, we usually take several breaks, try to distract ourselves and waste time in an attempt to cope and make the workday more endurable.

To avoid this approach, and based on their concern and interest in work-life balance, companies in Sweden started to shift to a six working hours per day.

According to CEO’s in various important companies, this shift from the eight hours to six hours work days didn’t really affect the way people work and the amount of work done. So, it didn’t negatively affect the work productivity, but on the contrary, employees became happier and more enthusiastic about work. They are now coming happier to work and leaving even much happier, as they are now having energy to do other stuff and have time to exercise, learn a new hobby, pick up kids and spend time with family.


This also reduced the stress employees had while trying to manage their private life and balance between work and social life.

This approach also reduced employees turnover; when the employee is being able to coordinate between his working and social life, this would make him think more than once in shifting to another job, which is a benefit for companies.

So, in conclusion, Sweden adopted a win-win situation for both companies and employees, and added a smile and a sense of relief on the faces and hearts of many employees.

Let’s hope that this becomes contagious, and that similar approaches are applied worldwide!


The Business Lobby team.


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