June 1, 2018

Working Moms Have More Successful Children

In this rapidly changing world with its increasing and expensive requirements, moms find themselves more and more obliged to work to be able to provide for their families, making their children go to good schools and pursue extracurricular interests. This decision imposes on them a physical and physiological burden, and most of them feel guilty for having to leave their houses and their children for long hours on a daily basis.

However, recent studies have shown that women should not feel guilty as the children of working moms tend to be more responsible, more creative and hold supervisory positions in the future.

According to the results of the latest studies, children of employed mothers obtain higher scores on achievement tests, for language, reading, and math, across gender, socioeconomic status, and marital status.

A working mom with some sense of accomplishment and satisfaction can serve as a good role model for her kids. Children can get inspired to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Moms who effectively manage work and family can instill good work ethic into their kids. They could especially help their daughters break stereotypes and work for whatever they wish to accomplish in life. It is also noted that the children of employed mothers have been found to have higher academic achievement, greater career success, more nontraditional career choices, and greater occupational commitment.

In addition, working moms spend quality time with their kids to compensate for the amount of time they do not spend together. Kids also look forward to spending time with their parents. They do not take their mother’s attention for granted. Boys also realize that household chores are part of family life and are not exclusive for women.

Working moms are also less prone to depression, which allow them to have a normal life away from frustration and depression. They also do not affect their children’s emotional development, as they seek to provide the right balance between work and parenting commitments.

Finally, it is essential to note that if a working mom can ensure that her kids are well loved and well cared for, then she ought not to feel guilty about anything. It is the quality of parenting that counts. Women can be good mothers regardless of whether they stay at home or work outside.

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