Follow Up Without Being Annoying

In our career, we are likely to experiment several cases in which we are forgotten or in which we are waiting for a reply on a specific email, but we are not receiving it. In similar cases, we find ourselves hesitating on whether to contact the concerned person or not, in fear of appearing annoying, […]

Joining Hands Towards a Healthy Economy!

In a fast moving business world the need for professionals who are ready to work flexibly on project basis becomes a necessity. Our 15 years of experience in the field combined with advanced technology and human infrastructure make us the perfect partners in matching companies looking for niche expertise project based work to freelance business […]

Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is currently one of the most popular topics being currently debated in the industry, academia, and the press. The main questions raised regarding this topic are whether the Artificial Intelligence shall lead to the unemployment of millions of people or it would be an opportunity to create new job opportunities for millions […]

Get Ready for the Job Market!!!

Your first job is your first step towards your dream job. So, how to land it successfully? Allow us to offer you couple of recommendations suggested by different managers and decision makers in the job market. Where and How to Get Hired As a start your university guidance office and instructors can be a great […]
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