Bringing Professionalism to the Virtual World

COVID-19 took the world by storm and changed the professional world as we know it We went from meetings in offices with managers to video conferences from home in our pajamas, and it seems as though the concept of interviews has completely changed… but has it? The shift towards working from home was so rapid […]

Will Automation Lead to Mass Unemployment?

The future of technology shapes out to be something that is truly important and compelling, encompassing different elements that come and go and that will influence many instances and situations in the future. A trend that is much fabled and talked about in the business world and is causing much commotion is automation. Much can […]

Future Trends In Technology: Artificial Intelligence 

The most commonly fantasized trend that has been gaining recent traction in many fields of studies and how its reach can be applied to many sectors is that of artificial intelligence. Generally, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, “is the field that studies the synthesis and analysis of computational agents that act intelligently” (Poole & Mackworth, June […]

Reminder About Lebanese Citizens

I want to start by stating that If you currently reside in Lebanon and you are capable of reading this, I am glad you are well and safe after the exceptional circumstances we are all going through. The Beirut blast was an unfortunate event that affected every Lebanese citizen, whether in Beirut or abroad, as […]

Job Skills Post COVID-19

A question that many of us ask ourselves is “What are the skills that organizations are looking for while hiring?” However, this question should now include “post-Coronavirus.” In the recently released LinkedIn Learning 2020 Workplace Learning Report, LinkedIn analysed data to map the 15 most in-demand skills. The skills are categorized into “Soft Skills” and “Hard […]

Hopelessness to Hope

This era is witnessing the highest rate of unemployment globally. Some individuals have been let go of their jobs, and others had a salary cut. Also, who would’ve thought that we will be getting to a stage where virtual commencement ceremonies are the “ideal circumstances”. This year has been hard on fresh graduates since they […]