Hopelessness to Hope

This era is witnessing the highest rate of unemployment globally. Some individuals have been let go of their jobs, and others had a salary cut. Also, who would’ve thought that we will be getting to a stage where virtual commencement ceremonies are the “ideal circumstances”. This year has been hard on fresh graduates since they […]

The Aftermath of COVID-19

I stumbled upon a video on YouTube 2 days ago that portrayed a comic version of how hard it will be to get back to our normal routines. To be honest, I laughed so much, but then the reality that lied behind the comedy hit me. I’m not one to distinguish between men and women, […]

On the Bright Side

We are living in very tough circumstances, I mean, this comes without saying. For once, at least in my lifetime, the whole world is united. Sadly, it is due to a pandemic. COVID-19 has taken a negative toll on individuals all over the globe. Whether you dwell on it while sitting in your room with […]

Love is Too Underrated When your Salary Does’nt Meet your Expectations

Have you ever wondered if people who don’t earn a high salary could ever be happy with their job? Although happiness at work usually increases with salary, there are notable exceptions to that rule. Here are some reasons how someone can be happy even with a heartbreaking paycheck. First, they are at their dream job; […]

The Workplace with Regards to a National Crisis

It’s no surprise that our nation is currently going through a crisis. At least I hope it is not. In times like these, many companies are seeking comfort and ways to adapt to the circumstances of our country, while shying away from extreme drastic measures. How would you feel if I told you that there […]

Team Building with a twist

The worst thing that can happen in your workplace is a coffee crisis. The second worst thing that can happen in your workplace is the failure to maintain a great team spirit and effective teamwork. You are probably thinking “Oh, another team-building workshop article”, but my friends, this is team building with a twist. Let’s […]