Administration Officer

Job Info

Job ID:
Business Lobby
Company Type:
Cleaning Industrial / Manufacturing Pest Control 
Job type:
Open position:
Administration Client Services Import/Export Logistics 
Job Title:
Administration Officer
Business Administration/Management 
Bachelor’s Degree 
Experience Level:
2 to 5 
Arabic English 


Job Description

Our client a designer of industrial cleaning products and distributors of their own brand name located in Mkalles is looking for an Administration Officer:



Administration Part:

  • Supervise Admin team (Administration Coordinators and Drivers, Janitors, Cleaners, Warehouse clerks etc.).
  • Contribute in managing office space and desks distribution.
  • Following up with invoices signed by clients and give it to accounting department for filing.
  • Preparing Daily, Weekly, Monthly and yearly reports.
  • Follow up and Maintain office Professional Image and Appearance (building, canteen, kitchens, etc.)
  • Responsible for ticket bookings and hotel reservations for management.
  • Following up with the variation of dollar rate with accounting department.
  • Following up the flow of work in accounting/Technical /warehouse department.
  • Dealing with local and international suppliers.
  • Responsible for exporting the attendance and sending to HR manager.
  • Redirecting the clients claims to the account manager in charge.
  • Keeping records of Consignment agreements.
  • Keeping Records of customer files.


Logistics Part:

  • Responsible for bringing best quotations before any purchases of product, and approve it by MD.
  • Follow up with all department’s requests and maintenance issues regularly.
  • Following up the flow of work in accounting/Technical /warehouse department.
  • Responsible for the Inventory of company stocks and products with respect to expiration date and FIFO of products.
  • Follow up on Routing of Technicians and Drivers.
  • Double check invoices before delivery.
  • Control the dispensers servicing schedule of clients (Within 21 days)
  • Responsible for stock management.
  • Following up with shipping agencies.
  • Responsible of receiving of goods.
  • Keeping records related to customers.


Customer Service Part:

  • Perform Audit calls daily.
  • Perform daily courtesy calls after each service /purchase provided.
  • Prepare necessary reports and communicate them to Head.
  • Follow up with clients for satisfaction.
  • Answer callbacks and solve problems by forwarding it to concerned department.
  • Follow up on callbacks until the client problem is solved and satisfied.
  • Ensure that new clients are serviced after 48 hours from briefing.
  • Ensure that all company services received on time to clients as scheduled, and communicated to sales department.
  • Always keep an up-to-date filling system.
  • Keep a record of all concerns and corrective measures taken.
  • Handling incoming inquiries via phone call or email.
  • Filling out lead form to be forwarded to the sales department.
  • Filling out all prospect information on the relevant network for tracking purposes.
  • Responsible for updating and amending client information.
  • Monitoring payment schedules to ensure transactions are done within agreed timeframe when necessary regarding aging of receivable.
  • Documenting  inbound complaint or praise and forwarding it to the relevant department and management.
  • Reporting any technical errors in regards of the communication channels.
  • Enhancing the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Responsible for all client data on CRM.
  • Collection of all required client documents.
  • Making sure all technical and operational requirements are arranged accordingly.
  • Conducts surveys for company reference, and deriving relevant reports.
  • Creating weekly and monthly reports, for analysis.
  • Responsible for the application of the QMS related to the department and its continuous development.




  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or any Business-related field.
  • Minimum 1 – 2 years of experience in Administration.
  • English Proficiency.
  • Computer Proficiency: Microsoft Office and Internet Browsing.
  • Strong communication and verbal skills.
  • Strong Time Management Skills.



5 days a week