Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Software Developer

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Business Lobby
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Augmented Reality Motion Graphic Design Software Developer / Web Developer / Programmer Virtual Reality 
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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Software Developer
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
Computer Science/CIS Multimedia Software Engineering 
Bachelor’s Degree 
Experience Level:
10+ years 
English French 


Job Description

A Leading Company located in Saudi Arabia with a diversified activity in Broadcasting, Construction, Telecommunications and Security is looking for a VR/ AR Software Developer:

Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Media Computer Science, or any related field.
  • Minimum ten (10) years of related experience in developing and optimizing real time graphics applications with focus on the target hardware.
  • Measuring and optimization of rendering performance on different target platforms (Windows, OSX, iOS and Android, WebGL).
  • Developing compatible shades or shader variations.
  • Supporting technical artists by developing controllable custom shaders for multiple purposes.
  • Optimizing render pipeline setup through culling, batching, instancing, LOD generation, layer sorting and other means.
  • Developing additional profiling tools.
  • Developing algorithms and solutions to generate geometry on demand from complex external data sets (live data or stored data), e.g. 3D data visualization, topography map visualization, seismic data visualization, business data visualization, operational live data visualization, knowledge base visualizations, etc.).
  • Unreal Engine.

Attractive Package.