Personal Attendant and Home Tutor

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Baby Sitter 
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Personal Attendant and Home Tutor
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
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Job Description

A Family in KSA is looking for a Personal Attendant and Home Tutor:


  • Speak, read and write English, French & Arabic.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • A professional and friendly attitude.
  • Ability to teach young children/students at private level.
  • Have up-to-date knowledge about learning theories, techniques and resources.
  • Use word processing, presentation, bookkeeping and email software.
  • Attentive and trustworthy Personal attendant who provide excellent care to the children
  • The Personal attendant will plan and follow a daily care schedule.
  • A willingness to work flexible hours, which may include night shifts.
  • To succeed as a Personal attendant, you should be patient, empathetic and have strong people‚Äôs skills. You should be observant and committed to making your employer feel safe and comfortable.
  • Previous experience in the Middle East in general and in GCC countries in particular is an added bonus.


  • Provide one-on-one educational assistance to elementary and secondary school children/students. As a personal attendant and tutor, you may help children improve their skills in reading, writing or other subjects.
  • Work with young children/students to improve their study skills.
  • Ensure to meet health, safety and relevant insurance requirements and work in line with child protection regulations.
  • Schedule and plan individual tutoring sessions for the children/students with a sound understanding of the subject(s) and tests.
  • Provide tuition that is appropriate for the individual’s needs and study level.
  • Assess any barriers to children/students’ study progress.
  • Knowledge of revision and exam techniques.
  • Planning skills to prepare for each individual tutoring session for exams and tests.
  • Oral communication skills to explain subjects and test information effectively.
  • Writing skills to provide comments and feedback on children/students’ work.
  • IT skills to help children/students access other relevant materials and support and to provide online tutoring.
  • Patience and understanding of individual learning needs.
  • A friendly manner to help children/students feel at ease.
  • The confidence to encourage, praise and challenge children/students’ progress.
  • Assist with personal care, administering medication, and providing companionship.
  • Ensure the home is organized according to the needs and that safety measures are in place. You may also be expected to assist with some light housework.
  • Providing emotional support and encouragement to children to perform necessary tasks.
  • Providing mobility assistance may be required, for example helping the Children in and out of bed, a chair, or a wheelchair.
  • Transporting or escorting the Children to School, Medical and other appointments.
  • Monitoring and reporting changes in health, behavior, and needs.