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Industrial / Manufacturing Manufacturing Production 
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Production Supervisor
Biochemistry Chemical Engineering Chemistry 
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Job Description

Our client, a leading Manufacturing Company, located in Mazraet Yashouh, is recruiting a Production Supervisor:



  • Follow up on the team and the process to finalize production
  • Check new orders continuously and take actions accordingly
  • Follow up on system steps to create new production formulas
  • Create samples for new formulas or colors
  • Delegate tasks to subordinates to make sure that the process and production is always running
  • Set norms on formulas
  • Make sure to finish orders as per specified timeline and deadline
  • Receive QC results and take action
  • Follow up and delegate tasks to prepare labels and package barrels
  • Delegate tasks to fill specified finished orders, and check quantity and tags accordingly
  • Take a sample from every batch and store it
  • Print forms for every formula describing the filling based on customer or stock requirement
  • Lead employees for better productivity
  • Provide leaves according to project volume
  • Create forms for non-compatible
  • Recommend new employees for the HR department
  • Create productions samples for new line or possible products
  • Ensure quality standards are met
  • Ensure safety & health procedures are enforced
  • Act as liaison between different departments
  • Handle filling
  • Update production sheet on system as per quantity used per badge (IN)
  • Update production sheet on system as per quantity produced per badge (OUT)
  • Maintain good record of testing and report accordingly
  • Delegate and report maintenance requirement and follow up until accomplished
  • Minimize the waste
  • Improve the production process continuously
  • Coordinate with the production foreman concerning the finished products (labelling, cleanliness…)
  • Accomplishing any other task when needed



  • Metn Area Resident
  • Bachelor’s in Chemistry, BioChemistry or related
  • Minimum of 2 to 3 years of experience in a similar role (manufacturing industry)
  • Ability to lead and manage a team.
  • Reporting
  • Attendance and commitment
  • Stability under stress
  • Motivation and energy
  • Finding solution
  • Team work
  • Positivity and Respect



Monday till Friday From: 7.30 AM To 5PM



Mazraet Yashouh, Lebanon



Negotiable  + NSSF