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January 2, 2020

January 2020 Jobs at Business Lobby

The worst thing that can happen in your workplace is a coffee crisis. The second worst thing that can happen in your workplace is the failure to maintain a great team spirit and effective teamwork.

You are probably thinking “Oh, another team-building workshop article”, but my friends, this is team building with a twist.

Let’s face it, none of us would be happy if we are sat down to listen to someone talking about the pros and cons of teamwork. Why not make it more fun and engaging?

Team building is about overcoming obstacles in the smoothest way possible by benefiting the company. I would suggest dedicating a whole day that focuses on bonding, creativity, fun, and of course teamwork.

You can start your day with a team made breakfast.

First, you’d want to have 2 teams of 3-4 people minimum. Each team is introduced to the same ingredients and have 30 minutes to come up with the most creative breakfast exaction. I mean, what’s a day off without food?

Your day out does not have to consist of just food and games. You can include few guest speakers to better inform your employees about a certain topic that may, or may not be related to your field of work. I would suggest giving one team the task of finding at least one speaker. This will enforce their curiosity and strengthen their decision-making skills.

Game time!

Here is a list of some cool games that could act as icebreakers throughout your day.

My personal favourites are:

4. Picture Pieces Game.

7. Battle of the Air bands.

8. Back-to-Back Drawing.

9. Office Trivia.

11. Salt and Pepper.                          

17. Minefield. 

20. Dare Jenga!                                 

26. Mad Lib Mission Statement.

33. The Meta Team Building Exercise.

You can always tweak the games in a way that suits your companies’ objectives and goals.

Besides, many places and sports are designed in ways that require teamwork. Outings in such spaces will excite your teams and allow them to step out of their confront zone. Some examples could be, Escape the Room, wall climbing, maybe team sports, or even a karaoke space. This will smoothen and comfort the relationships between your employees leading to better working outcomes.

You see, you don’t need to go all out and spend a lump sum on your “team building day” to turn it into a twist. All you need is good management and accurate division of tasks which its self is a team-building exercise. Let everyone have a say in how this day will turn out, it will get them more engaged.

The thing is, we all put more effort into what we are doing if we know that we are doing it for ourselves to enjoy.

  • Associate General Counsel
  • Job ID J6353
  • A multinational investment company with diversified commercial and industrial businesses in the Middle East, the US and Europe are recruiting an Associate General Counsel for their offices in Greece to support in performing legal, regulatory and corporate functions, including deal execution.   Duties and responsibilities Review, draft and negotiate legal documentation in connection with the […]
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  • Job ID J006144
  • An international privately owned investment company in Greece is recruiting a Treasury Manager: Responsibilities: – Understand, manage, and supervise all aspects of cash flow. – Forecast daily cash requirements and execute daily financing decisions. – Prepare or monitor company’s various cash flow forecasts and perform financial modeling. – Implement macro hedging strategies for the balance […]
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  • Interior Designer
  • Job ID J006344
  • An Interior Design Solutions company in Kuwait is looking for an Interior Designer: DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – Handle Clients projects from Design, Execution, Furniture and Furnishings; – Represent International Brands for Furniture manufacturers and brands: Kitchens, Carpets, Fabrics and Decor Materials; – Client servicing; – Carry out research to make sure that plans are technically […]
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  • Marketing Manager
  • Job ID J006284
  • A Cosmetics company in Kuwait is looking for a Marketing Manager. Responsibilities: – Manage all marketing for the company and activities within the marketing department; – Coordinating marketing campaigns with sales and promotional activities; – Presenting ideas and strategies of marketing for whole year; – Organizing events ad product exhibitions; – Assisting campaigns i.e Ads, […]
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  • Skin Care Consultant
  • Job ID J6110
  • A Cosmetics Company is recruiting a Skin Care Consultant, with sales skills. Job Description: – Evaluate clients’ skin condition and appearance – Discuss available treatments and determine which products will improve clients’ skin quality. – Recommend skin care products, such as cleansers, lotions, or creams. – Teach and advise clients on how to take care […]
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  • Brand Manager
  • Job ID J006285
  • A Cosmetics company in Kuwait is looking for a Brand Manager. Responsibilities: • Brand Manager must have a good understanding of their customers and have strong creative, analytical and organizational skills. • She/he must also hand a good handle on consumer and market insights, including the ability to analyze market data. • The position requires […]
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  • Cosmetics Sales Consultant
  • Job ID J6109
  • A cosmetics company is looking for Cosmetics Sales Consultants candidates. Requirements: – 2 years of experience in sales.Background in cosmetics is a plus. – Preferably based in Kuwait. Salary range between USD1,150 – USD 1,648 + commission + Housing allowance USD400 + Bonuses 6 working days schedule 9-5 or 1-9 30 Days paid leave
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  • Social Media – Graphic Designer
  • Job ID J6111
  • A Cosmetics company in Kuwait is recruiting a Social Media – Graphic Designer candidate with relevant experience.   Job Description: – Design and develop exciting social media pages and applications. – Design customized and interactive sections and applications while ensuring that all content is search engine optimization compliant…   Requirements: – Graphic Design background. – […]
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  • Finance & Accounting Manager
  • Job ID J006369
  • A cosmetics company in Saida is looking for a Finance and Accounting Manager: Responsibilities: – Plan, implement and supervise the company’s financial strategy; – Manage the company’s financial accounts, payrolls, budget, cash receipts and financial assets; – Handle the company’s transactions and debts and do cash flow forecasting; – Perform the company’s financial audits; – […]
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  • Account Manager
  • Job ID J006365
  • A telecommunication company in Hazmieh is looking for an Account Manager: Responsibilities: • Establish and maintain strong business relationships with wholesale telecom carriers (customers & suppliers) • Continuously seek new Customer Accounts and manage existing ones • Manage and develop business opportunities with telecom carriers • Negotiate favourable rates with carriers • Achieve and exceed […]
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  • Server Side App Developer
  • Job ID J006212
  • A Digital Consulting & Creative Services company in Hazmieh is looking for an Server Side App Developer: Responsibilities: – Identify and acquire clients’ applications requisites – View and identify key application features – Collaborate with other IT experts to set new apps requirements – Sketch and design creative models according to specifications – Write premium […]
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  • Android App Developer
  • Job ID J006211
  • A Digital Consulting & Creative Services company in Hazmieh is looking for an Android App Developer: Responsibilities: – View and identify key application features – Collaborate with other IT experts ( Android, IOS and Server Side) to set new apps requirements – Constantly integrate on current mobile applications – Devise user stories, technical and functional […]
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  • IOS App Developer
  • Job ID J006210
  • A Digital Consulting & Creative Services company in Hazmieh is looking for an IOS App Developer: Responsibilities: – View and identify key application features – Collaborate with other IT experts ( Android, IOS and Server Side) to set new apps requirements – Constantly integrate on current mobile applications – Devise user stories, technical and functional […]
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  • Business Development Manager in InsurTech
  • Job ID J006359
  • An InsurTech provider in Hazmieh is looking for a Business Development Manager in InsurTech: Responsibilities: – Lead, manage and supervise the process of building the commercial Insurance Software – Provide innovative ideas during the building phase – Sales of insurance software products including a Policy Administration System, Data Analytics tool, Aggregation tool and new Digital […]
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  • Software Developer
  • Job ID J006358
  • An Internet Service Provider in Jdeideh is looking for a Software Developer: Responsibilities: – Create new mobile applications to supplement existing web interfaces – Maintain existing web applications and databases Requirements: – Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science – 1- 2 years’ experience in web development – 1-2 years’ experience in IOS – Good skills in […]
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  • Mobile Developer
  • Job ID J006356
  • A Telecommunication company in Hazmieh is looking for a Mobile Developer: Responsibilities: – Create new mobile applications for the Android and/ or IOS platforms – Design and build advanced applications for the Android and/or IOS platforms – Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design and implement new features – Diagnose performance issues, fix bugs to […]
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  • Dispatch Rider
  • Job ID J006355
  • A Groceries Delivery Service Company in Sodeco is looking for a Dispatch Rider: Responsibilities: – Handles the schedule of all drivers – Trains, supervises and monitors all drivers performance – Cultivates strong relationships with drivers and customers to reduce the stress that comes with last minute changes – Monitors any sudden route changes or road […]
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  • IP Engineer
  • Job ID J006322
  • A leading Internet Service Provider in Jdeideh is looking for a NOC Manager: Responsibilities: – Ensuring staff is continuously monitoring the network and perfroming first level trouble shooting and problem solving – Managing the daily running of the NOC/ call center, including sourcing equipment, effective resource planning and implementing NOC/call center strategies and operations – […]
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  • Software Engineer
  • Job ID J006354
  • A GPS Navigation and Vehicle Tracking systems seller in Hazmieh is looking for a Software Engineer: Responsibilities: – Work within a team of highly skilled engineers in developing next gen asset management solutions. – Research, design, build and maintain custom backend/frontend applications and services. – Build solutions that tackle various engineering challenges including Big-Data analytics, […]
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  • Logistics and Fleet Manager
  • Job ID J006323
  • Our client an FMCG company in Sodeco is looking for a Logistics and Fleet Manager with relevant experience: Responsibilities: – Resources and identifies potential and convenient warehouses with specified budgets and standards per area – Resources and procures warehouse storage entities and tools – Resources and selects the proper contacting parties with close follow-up during […]
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  • Country Manager
  • Job ID J006347
  • Our client a Software House n Adlieh is looking for a Country Manager: Responsibilities: – Work closely with local and international clients to ensure the highest level of satisfaction – interview and screen candidates in order to deliver the most qualified talent to the clients – Support implementations efforts for SAAS Solutions in the MENA […]
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  • Telecom Country Manager
  • Job ID J6254
  • A leading Telecommunication Company is recruiting a Country Manager for its Lebanon Operation. The country manager will be responsible for the organization of the in-country affiliate in terms of commercial development, operational structure and financial results. He is Responsible for handling business operations, developing business, attracting new partners, managing supplier relationships, and increasing customer satisfaction. […]
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  • Indoor Sales (Multinational Retail)
  • Job ID J006329
  • Our client a mutlinational retail company is looking for Sales Experts in different Beirut regions: Responsibilities: – Understand the customer care process so as to equip the consumer with the relevant knowledge – Contact people when they require assistance post purchase. – Understand the warranty and subscription policies so as to best inform the consumer. […]
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Saudi Arabia
  • University Researchers and Head of Research department
  • Job ID J006351
  • A University in KSA is looking for University Researchers and Head of Research department: Duties & Responsibilities: – Lead in research in the field of Mathematics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Physics; – Acquire in-depth expertise in the leadership of scientific research projects and […]
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  • University Assistants/ Associates/ Full Professors
  • Job ID J006349
  • A University in KSA is looking for Assistants/ Associates/ Full Professors for the below colleges: – College of Engineering (COE); – College of Computer Science & Engineering (CCES); – College of Business Administration (COBA); – CORE Curriculum. Duties & Responsibilities: – Carry out the duties of the position in accordance with College values and standards […]
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  • Sales Manager (Chilled Meats)
  • Job ID J006325
  • Our client a chilled meats company is KSA is looking for a Sales Manager: Requirements: – Good relavant experienc working with meats and poultry – Good knowledge in distribution to hotels, restaurants, cafés and supermarkets – Knowledge of Saudi market is a plus – Ability to launch a new brand in the market – Ability […]
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  • Fashion Business Development Manager
  • Job ID J006342
  • A Luxury Consumer brand company in KSA in looking for a Fashion Business Development Manager: Key Responsibilities: Brand Development: •Develop and constantly update a domain brand panorama for brands held by the Group in Saudi Arabia, their major competitors and newcomers a) Brand equity/value (yearly list) describing claim, image, perception, fashion content, added value b) […]
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  • Tea Master
  • Job ID J006338
  • A Coffee Shop Owner and Event Planner in KSA is looking for a Tea Master: Responsibilities: – Knowledge of all teas, herbs and ingredients; – Provide monthly raw material requirements; – Approve all purchase orders related to Tea and Ingredients; – Maintain Blended Tea and Raw Material Inventories; – Secure new ingredients; – Manage new […]
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  • Head Chef – Oriental Cuisine
  • Job ID J006337
  • A Coffee Shop Owner and Event Planner in KSA is looking for a Head Chef – Oriental Cuisine: Responsibilities: – Control and direct the food preparation process and any other relative activities; – Construct menus with new or existing culinary creations ensuring the variety and quality of the servings; – Approve and “polish” dishes before […]
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  • Personal Attendant and Home Tutor
  • Job ID J006309
  • A Family in KSA is looking for a Personal Attendant and Home Tutor: REQUIREMENTS: Speak, read and write English, French & Arabic. Excellent oral and written communication skills. A professional and friendly attitude. Ability to teach young children/students at private level. Have up-to-date knowledge about learning theories, techniques and resources. Use word processing, presentation, bookkeeping […]
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  • Executive Chef and Operations Manager
  • Job ID J006313
  • A Coffee Shop in KSA is looking for an Executive Chef & Operations Manager. Responsibilities: – Prepare food; – Manage day-to-day Kitchen operations and Culinary team; ƒ – Execution of Daily Food Service, Quality, Technique, Portion, Presentation and Food Cost Control; – ƒSupport management with Catering Proposals, Menu Pricing and Menu Innovation; – ƒTrack food […]
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  • Flower Designer
  • Job ID J006298
  • Ou client, a coffee shop and event planning company in Riyadh – KSA, is looking for a Flower Designer: Responsibilities: ◾Selecting flowers according to freshness, seasonality and appearance for displays and decoration. ◾Creating original bouquets and bespoke bouquets for individual customers. ◾Helping customers choose the right flowers for a particular occasion. ◾Attending special functions and […]
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Sierra Leone
  • Executive Chef
  • Job ID J006162
  • A Hotel in Sierra Leone is recruiting an Executive Chef with 4 years of relevant Experience Job Description: – Create new Menus – Create higher Sales – To manage and handle different outlets like: breakfast, lunch , dinner, functions and banquets. Requirements: – 4 years of Experience as Executive chef – Previous work in Hotels […]
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South Sudan
  • Wireless Engineer
  • Job ID J006352
  • A leading telecommunication company is looking for a Wireless Engineer for Juba, South of Sudan: RESPONSIBILITIES/ DUTIES: 1. Maintain and expand the ISP network topology 2. Validate new IP and network solutions. 3. Update and create procedures for NOC, Network and IT department 4. Handle NOC escalated issues. 5. Secure the network system by establishing […]
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United Arab Emirates
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Job ID J006346
  • A chain of Luxury department stores is looking for a Digital Marketing Manager in Dubai: Responsibilities: – Plan and execute all digital marketing, including SEO/SEM, marketing database, email, social media and display advertising campaigns – Design, build and maintain social media presence – Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, and assess against […]
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  • C- Level Executive Assistant Luxury
  • Job ID J006339
  • A Luxury Consumer brand company based in Jabal Ali – UAE is recruiting a C-Level Executive Assistant for the CEO.   Tasks & Responsibilities: Manage the Manager’s diary and appointments Screen incoming calls and correspondence and responds independently when required Review selected documents that come to the Office of the Manager and make recommendations for […]
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United States
  • Telecom Technician
  • Job ID J006188
  • A Telecom Company in USA is looking for Telecom Technicians with American or Canadian Citizenship:   Responsibilities:   To manage the telecom team in migrating equipment’s from 4G to 5G • Make installation of cable, ducts, cable tray, telecom equipment • Skills for installing equipment (electrical and telecom ) • Knowledge in using Tools (Drill, […]
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  • Telecom Tower Climber
  • Job ID J006189
  • A Telecom Company in USA is looking for Telecom Riggers (Tower Climbers) with American or Canadian Citizenship:   Responsibilities:   To manage the telecom team in migrating equipment’s from 4G to 5G • Can climb towers and better have OHSAS certificate • Make installation of cable, ducts , cable tray, telecom equipment • Skills for […]
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  • Telecom Team Leader
  • Job ID J006190
  • A Telecom Company in USA is looking for a Telecom Team Leader with American or Canadian Citizenship: Responsibilities: To manage the telecom team in migrating equipment’s from 4G to 5G • Provides direction, Instructions, and guidance to the team members • Listens to team members’ feedback • Motivate & inspire team members • Support new […]
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  • Telecom Construction Manager
  • Job ID J006315
  • A reputable telecommunication company in the USA is looking for a Construction Manager: Responsibilities: – Make sure that company procedure are being implemented – Follow up with the PIP with customers – Follow up on the acceptance of the tasks – Assign teams to tasks & assign staff with teams – Prepare a daily plan […]
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