About us

Business Lobby is a Talent Management and Executive Search Company based in Lebanon and operating worldwide in the aim of providing candidates of all nationalities with adequate job opportunities around the world. Our aim is to be the best at identifying, qualifying and delivering top talent for our clients' companies, while enhancing the careers of our candidates. We, as a Talent Management Company, develop and integrate new positions and attract highly skilled employees to be engaged by a company, our client. We endeavor to reach a win-win situation for the employers as well as candidates, while concentrating on building long and sustainable relationships based on trust, honesty and respect. While aiming to provide job opportunities for candidates of all nationalities in many countries, Business Lobby entered in close association with Hubs in the majority of the MENA region countries (Africa, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Syria Jordan, Oman, Egypt, UAE…) as well as India, Pakistan, USA, UK and others.  


Business Lobby was founded in 2003 by Tina Badran Kfoury. Based on her work experience, Tina tangibly identified the gap existing in the personnel hiring process. Several times, she found herself in a situation requiring her to hire new employees. The whole process of searching for the right candidate, setting interviews, selecting, negotiating, and hiring was exhausting. It required extensive coordination, follow up, and preparation; in brief it required too much logistical effort from the administrative team. Thus, Business Lobby was established; a company to handle the hiring process of employees in companies from A to Z. Business Lobby leads and takes charge of the announcement of vacancies, identification of job specs, CVs reception and filtering, selection of potential candidates, interview appointments, salary and benefits negotiations, as well as contract signing. In 2020, 16 years after its establishment, Business Lobby holds its victory high; it is an important talent management company with an imposing portfolio of regular and new clients, a database of over 360,000 CVs, and success records for thousands of employees.
we want
to be!
Our mission is to earn and keep the trust and loyalty of our client companies and be recognized worldwide as solution providers for job seekers. In simpler words, we want to be the best Talent Management Company not only in Lebanon and the MENA Region but in the Whole World as well. In order to realize our vision, our mission must be to exceed the expectations of our client companies deemed to be partners in the road towards excellence. We will accomplish this by committing to our shared values and by achieving the highest levels of performance.
we want
to be!
Year after year and day after day, Business Lobby will be recognized and respected as one of the Top Notch and most respectable International Talent Management Companies operating with the finest and most advanced techniques in the Talent Management Business with hubs located in every country we operate in.


Specialists’ hub

Business Lobby aims at having in every single country where it is operating, a hub and a team of specialists fully aware of the specifications of each country’s candidates and employers’ professional requirements.

International recognition

Business Lobby aims at having in every single country where it is operating, a hub and a team of specialists fully aware of the specifications of each country’s candidates and employers’ professional requirements.

Team development

Business Lobby also aims at assuring internal development for its team, providing them with a friendly working environment, and an unlimited vertical growth.


  • We hired the first Marketing Assistant in one of the most reputable companies in the Power Systems Section and are still working with them.

    APR 2003

  • MAR 2004

    Business Lobby launched its first newsletter and had its first hub in Jordan.
  • On the 4th of July 2009, Business Lobby organized its first workshop, attracting 30 attendees

    JUL 2009

  • 2011

    Business Lobby owned hubs in 15 countries
  • Business Lobby’s official website was honoured with the golden award for the recruiting category in Web Awards 2012



Business Lobby aims at achieving the following goals:

1 Being up to date with the most advanced Talent Management Techniques to guarantee a more accurate and fast recruiting process as wel as developing the company’s team to the benefit of both clients and candidates.
2 Providing a better service for clients through a user friendly website, allowing both clients and candidates to easily manage the recruitment process.
3 Continuing to hire highly qualified, highly motivated people for our client companies.
4 Providing continued professional opportunities in all types of jobs.
5 Organizing training sessions and workshops on subjects that are of interest and benefit to companies and candidates.
6 Assisting candidates in achieving their career plans and guiding them to get the training needed to move a step forward in their career path.
7 Committing to the highest standards of integrity, excellence and performance that have been the motive bringing the company to this level of growth and professionalism.
8 Building and sustaining partnerships with important companies operating on the national and international scale in different working industries.

Why choose us?

  • Business Lobby is a pioneer in Talent Management worldwide
  • Business Lobby develops candidates’ careers and prepares them to handle key positions
  • Business Lobby has the most advanced technology infrastructure in the Talent Management Business
  • Business Lobby team consists of highly qualified recruitment consultants, experts and researchers
  • Business Lobby is committed to Excellence and to the highest standards of values and service

Our Team

Our dedicated team of experts reduces the overheads of a company by handling all Talent Management Formalities. As a team, we go through the screening, interviewing process, selection, coordination, negotiation of offers and follow up processes with all potential candidates. A high-quality service and a personalized attention to the needs that applicants and employers rightly expect is the Key to our success, a main factor that kept us pioneers in the field of Talent Management. Business Lobby is indebted to the work, dedication, devotion and enthusiasm of its team. Its highly qualified team fortified with an in-depth understanding of the workforce and issues that drive performance has developed its competencies not only in planning, acquiring and optimizing talents but also in assisting candidates improve their performance more effectively. Our specialized team of Consultants equipped with the most advanced Talent Management & Recruitment technology infrastructure is ready to attend to any inquiry, provide every follow up and give advice whenever required to.