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The IQOS Lebanon Team

The IQOS Lebanon Team

Tobacco & Alternative to Smoking
We wanted to reiterate our thanks for bidding to the recruitment assignment to help us find qualified candidates for the position of IQOS Experts at Philip Morris in Lebanon. We were impressed to see the passion and professionalism shown from the moment we met you during the tender process. We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service Business Lobby provided. The team was available around the clock and ensured all candidates were thoroughly screened, met and interviewed and no side was left unturned. We look forward to continue to work together and hope you will continue to provide such excellent service to us.  

Elias Chaker

Software Development Manager

Information and Communication Technology,
Recently, due to growing in the company size, we had a need to fill multiple positions in a fast paced. We contacted Business Lobby to assist in recruiting full-time positions. The service, the consistent follow up and the quality of candidates we got speaks well of their recruiting and screening process. We look forward to a continued working relationship.

Cybelle Achkar

HR Manager

We have been working with your esteemed company for more than a year now and we are more than pleased with this professional relationship and outcome. You have shown transparency and seriousness all along. We thank you for everything and wish you even more prosperity.

Eliane Nohra


Media & Events
Our company has used Business Lobby in finding the right candidates for several positions so far (Junior & Managerial) and going forward we would have no hesitation in working with them in the future. As a result, we would highly recommend Business Lobby’s services to other companies. The team was extremely attentive, knowledgeable, professional and patient. Thank you, Business Lobby team, and keep up the positive vibes!

Amer Merheb

Business Manager

Financial Technology Services
The Business Lobby are a very friendly and supportive team. They always seek to learn better on our recruitment needs by asking for clarity on our decision regarding recruitment and takes our comments in consideration for future candidates. We are very happy with the performance of the candidates that were recruited through Business Lobby.

Chadi Snaifer

Commercial Consultant

As a Commercial Consultant to my client, my task consisted of building a new sales department. My main concern was to find right caliber in a short period. Business Lobby, through their professional staff, were able to filter, screen & provide good candidates in a very short period. This fact was very cost effective for my mission. I was very pleased in their instant feedback, coordination & follow up. You can feel the staff dedication to deliver the best service at the quickest time.   My experience with Business Lobby encourages me to recommend this agency to any recruiter.