May 15, 2023

Time Management – 15 Golden Tips

Ever felt the need to be more organized and more productive? Are you spending your day jumping from one task to another and then wonder why you haven’t accomplished much? Do you wish that the day would have more than 24 hours and that your body is never tired?


Well, time doesn’t change; all you can actually do is manage yourself and the job you do with the time that you have. Therefore, acquiring Time Management skills is highly important to employees who often perform many different jobs during the course of a single day.


This article highlights few management tips that will help you increase your productivity and stay cool and collected throughout your day.


1. Find out what’s wasting your time; net surfing, reading emails, making personal calls….Track your daily activities to gather an accurate picture of what you actually do.
2. Objective setting; Set at least one objective daily and achieve it.
3. Tasks Scheduling; Start the morning by scheduling at least three tasks you must complete in order of priority. Write them down and cross off items as you complete them.
4. Time Limits; Set time limits for each task you undertake, and make sure that the first hour of your workday is productive.
5. Breaks: Schedule breaks at regular times. You will perform in a much better way after taking short breaks.
6. Organize your working space; it is much easier to accomplish tasks if your work area is organized.
7. Do things right; Take the time and make the effort to do things right the first time so you won’t have to waste time doing them over
8. One hour block; Block out an hour a day of uninterrupted time for your most important chores.
9. Finish what you start; don’t jump from one thing to another, leaving a string of unfinished chores behind you.
10. Avoid tasks postponing; whatever the job, do it now and get it out of the way.
11. Establish routines and stick to them as much as possible; while crises will arise, you’ll be much more productive if you can follow routines most of the time.
12. Be sure your systems are organized; take the time to organize a file management system and acquire certain logic in files saving and sorting.
13. Learn to delegate and outsource; for effective time management, you need to let other people carry some of the load.
14. Don’t waste time waiting; From meetings to doctor’s appointments, it’s impossible to avoid waiting for someone or something. But you don’t need to just sit there and wait. Always take something to do with you. Technology makes it easy to work wherever you are; your laptop or cell phone will help you stay connected
15. Get enough sleep; although it is tempting to work long hours, in the end you’re less efficient when you’re tired.


You can be in control and accomplish what you want to accomplish – once you’ve come to grips with the time management and taken control of your time and tasks required.