May 31, 2018

Affordable benefits that employees appreciate!

It is no longer a secret to anyone that a happy workplace is a productive workplace! Being happy at work not only increases your productivity, but also reduces the level of absenteeism, sickness and turnover.

Thus, every company should invest to make its employees happy. Luckily, satisfying employees doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; it can be done by simple yet meaningful gestures that do not cost a lot.

Here is a list of seven benefits that all companies can afford and all employees would appreciate.

1- Give the employees a paid vacation on their birthdays; this would certainly make their day and is worth to them more than thousands of wishes, while being trapped in the office!

 2- Go to a supermarket every month and buy simple snacks, juices and other healthy and affordable goodies and put them in the Company’s kitchen

 3- Organize a free lunch once a month for the whole team. You can order food or go out to an affordable restaurant and have lunch as a team.

 4- Go to a nearby gym, and get group rates and special discounts for your team. Exercising lowers the level of stress and improves health

5- Invest in a scheduling machine, and allow the employees to have a flexible working hour schedule. This would save them a lot of hassle, and allow them to arrange their time as they find convenient.

6- Schedule summer hours break, during which employees leave work two or three hours earlier during two or three months in the summer to enjoy the longer days and the vacation spirit.

7- Arrange for a massage therapist to pass by every month and spoil your employees with a free massage session.

These simple steps can mean a great deal to employees. Add to them a touch of creativity, encourage your employees to hold meetings as you are having a walk, share a snack together and encourage them to take breaks, you will definitely feel the difference, and so would they!

The Business Lobby team.


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