November 25, 2023

Being the Best at What You Do…

Who among us does not dream of excelling, of being a successful person, of making huge amount of money and of being considered as a reference in his work field?

To achieve this “dream”, various things must be taken into consideration. The first of which is the reason why you want to achieve this success. If the motivation behind this dream is only “success”, then you are on the wrong path. You have to do what you enjoy doing, for the sake of enjoying it, and you will reap success. It should never be about the reward but rather about doing all what it takes to achieve the impossible, without stopping.

To become the best at what you do, follow these five golden advices:

1- Work on yourself, not on your job: Your work is a reflection of you. If you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, stop looking for better strategies, but instead look inside of you. Improve yourself, expand your vision, skills and abilities, and put your energy in learning new things, new skills as this would make you a better person.

2- Put yourself into situations that are unfamiliar to others: Put yourself in a demanding situation that scares you and raises challenges. Try and fail, take new roles and assume greater responsibilities to create opportunities that would provide success.

3- Make people copy you, don’t copy them: Don’t mimic the work of other people, let them follow your steps. When you imitate the work of others, it will lack feelings and enthusiasm, thus it won’t be successful.

4- Love what you do: When you love what you do, the work itself becomes better and success becomes inevitable, as it comes easy because it’s the last thing on your mind. You already know it’s going to happen. When you are in love with the process, you seek feedback, mentoring, and coaching, even when you’re at the top of your game, and these are the keys to success. ?

5- Always remember why you are doing this: Never compromise or break the rules, as the moment you will do this you will start retreating and the cost will be high.


The Business Lobby Team


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