May 2, 2019

Business Lobby in Action

In light of our social commitment to our community’s growth and development, Business Lobby took part of 2 major occurrences in the past 2 weeks.

The first initiative was organized by the USAID University Scholarship Programs (USP) Alumni Chapter in collaboration with AUB’s Office of Alumni Relations. The purpose of the initiative was to provide students and graduates of the American University of Beirut with Career mentoring and advising.

The initiative was very important to Business Lobby and specifically to our MD Mrs. Tina Badran Kfoury, since it was an opportunity to spread the experience gained over the years and of course, help the younger generations. Now, thanks to the Office of Alumni, AUB students and graduates have the opportunity to connect with AUB alumni around the world and benefit from their invaluable experience and professional advice on the AUB Alumni Mentoring Platform where Tina is very active.

The second occurrence that Business Lobby was part of was a panel discussion organized to announce the partnership between the International Executive School - Paris and Standards, as well as celebrating 10 Years of Standards. The event was hosted by the CEO of Standards, Dr. Hady Safa regarding “Talent Retention & Development Challenges in Lebanon.”


The panel discussed different challenges that both employers and employees are facing nowadays. In response to that, Tina and other panellists suggested the best practices and solutions for Training and Development in the region, based on their journeys and experiences. Participants also had the chance to share some real-life experiences that are related to employment and talent retention.

Business Lobby is known for believing that there is always something to be done for the greater good. Seeing the economy and job struggle Lebanon is facing has made us more eager than ever to do go an extra mile and offer a more diverse way of providing services.

Jade N. Kfoury

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