May 31, 2018

Golden tips for a standing out CV

Nowadays, hiring managers are so busy and cannot allocate more than few minutes, if not seconds to look at CVs. Thus, it is important to develop a comprehensive, easy to read and modern CV that would stand out and make it through the automated applicant tracking system before it reaches the hiring manager.

To do so, here are some golden tips that would help you develop a CV that would stand out and allow you to be distinguished among other applicants.


1-      Remove the objective statement. Use a Summary: Hiring managers are not interested in what you seek to achieve as they focus on finding the right employee that would fill the vacancy the way they have set and planned.

2-     Use an appealing layout: The layout should reflect your experience and the job you are seeking to fulfill. Remember that the layout should also reflect your personality and your creativity level. Use bold to highlight some important info as the reader’s eye tends to focus on the statement written in different format.

3-    State your skills and how you applied them in the work domain: It is important that the hiring managers see how you applied your skills at work. Don’t forget to list your specific qualifications and knowledge.

4-    Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. These mistakes, and even though they do not reflect the essence of your skills, give a bad impression and a state of nonchalance.

5-     Add a photo. It is essential to add a photo so that the hiring manager knows with whom he is dealing.

6-    Keep it real not false. Do not add irrelevant or false information to your CV. Do not overdo it or exaggerate; keep things simple and right to the point.

7-     Add technical tools to your CV: Add a hyperlink to your email and your LinkedIn profile.


The Business Lobby Team


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