September 16, 2023

Golden tips for a standing out CV

In the fast-paced world of hiring, managers often have limited time—mere minutes, if not seconds—to review CVs. Therefore, it is crucial to craft a comprehensive, easily digestible, and modern resume that not only stands out but also navigates the automated applicant tracking systems before reaching the hiring manager's desk.

Consider the following golden tips to create a standout CV that sets you apart from other applicants:

  1. Replace the Objective Statement with a Summary: Hiring managers are more interested in finding the right candidate to fill a vacancy than your personal career objectives. Craft a compelling summary that showcases your suitability for the role.

  2. Opt for an Attractive Layout: Your CV layout should align with your experience and the job you're seeking. It should also reflect your personality and creativity. Use formatting features like bold text to draw attention to crucial information, as readers often focus on statements presented in a distinct format.

  3. Highlight Applied Skills: Clearly articulate how you've applied your skills in a work setting. Provide specific examples of how your qualifications and knowledge have contributed to your professional achievements.

  4. Eliminate Spelling and Grammar Errors: While these errors may not directly reflect your skills, they create a negative impression and suggest a lack of attention to detail. Present a polished and professional document by proofreading thoroughly.

  5. Include a Professional Photo: Adding a photo provides a personal touch and helps the hiring manager connect a face with your application.

  6. Keep it Authentic: Avoid adding irrelevant or false information to your CV. Stay genuine, refrain from exaggeration, and present information in a straightforward manner.

  7. Incorporate Technical Tools: Enhance your CV by including hyperlinks to your email and LinkedIn profile, making it easier for hiring managers to access additional information about you.


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