September 14, 2023

Questions a Candidate Should or Should Not Ask During Interviews

You are searching for a job, and after various job applications, you have been called to attend an interview. You are very well prepared for all the questions the interviewer might ask you: Background, education, goals, social status… However, in an interview, you are not being questioned; you have the right to ask few questions that would help you get a clearer image about the company where you might work. However, watch out, there are some questions that would negatively affect you, so avoid them.

To make the process easier for you, we briefed the questions to ask or avoid during an interview:


Questions to ask:

1- Could you define the Company’s general culture? The general culture of a company exceeds the happy hours; it reveals the way the company thinks about employees and their future, their training, progress and promotion as well.

Who previously held the position? This would give you an idea about the employees turnover in the company; if the previous employee was promoted to a higher position, then this is an indicator that he benefitted from the job and was able to progress.

3- What are the main challenges I will face in my job? Being aware of the challenges to face would help you consider the appropriate strategies right from the start.

4- Will there be any form of training provided? The training is essential for you to get to know the work mechanism, and be able to get involved and become productive quickly.

5- Who will be my direct supervisor? Knowing the person you will be dealing with all day long at work is essential; not feeling comfortable about him might hinder all the work process.

6-  Are there opportunities for professional development within the company? Being offered a chance to develop is beneficial to the employee and the employer equally.

7-  What is the usual time required before hiring and what are the next steps? This would help you avoid the stressful waiting before hearing back from the company, and allows you to know the steps you would have to experience before being hired.


Questions to avoid:

1-  Could you tell me about the company’s background and history? This is a question you can answer by yourself by making a search about the company on search engines; better to do your homework rather than asking such a question.

2- Can I change the job details, schedule or salary? You are not allowed to do so; you are applying for a job that is already fixed and set.

3- What is the company’s policy towards holidays? This gives the impression of not being serious or motivated.

4- How much would I get paid? Don’t ask this question during the interview, wait until you have an offer and then negotiate the salary and benefits, if need be.

5- Can I use social media sites at work? This question shows lack of seriousness, avoid it.

6- Does the company monitor emails and internet usage? This question shows that you might do unacceptable things and that you fear being caught; so it would not be in your best interest.

7- How did I do? Asking how you did in an interview shows that you don’t have enough confidence in yourself and that you are desperate to have this job, which won’t be in your best interest when receiving an offer.

Remember that the interview is your gate to the company; the more you are confident and comfortable, the more you will enhance the chance to win the position. It is also a chance to know more about the company and the vacant job, so grasp the opportunity to make sure you are applying for the right position.


The Business Lobby team.


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