February 1, 2023

Slave to Money

By definition, money is a medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes used to exchange goods and services and measure their values on the market.. So, it is a medium and a tool, even though many consider it a goal, an objective, a core necessity and the centre of life.

Do you happen to know anyone who made money the purpose of his life? Did you watch that person forgetting all about his values, ethics, loved ones and family members for the sake of “precious money”?

Unfortunately, in this growing material world, encountering this kind of people is no longer something rare;  those people have an obsessive view of money that can foster unhealthy responses like greed and dishonesty When money has that kind of power in a person’s life, they become its slave!

In order to overcome this problem, a slave to money should change the way he/she perceives money, in order to free himself/herself of mental and physical slavery to money.

Below are some useful thoughts that would lead the way of any person wishing to get rid of their obsession with money:

Money is nothing but a tool: Not a single day will pass without you needing money, because it is a part of this material world we are living in. Therefore, you should perceive money as an idea that can have different symbols of material things (stocks, cash properties …). It is nothing more than printed paper whose value is strictly limited to the value being assigned to it.

Separate the way you look at money from the actions that people who have a lot of money can do: Always remember that rich and poor people can make good and bad things. Get rid of the ideas inherited about money, as being a source of evil.  People are going to be who they are on the inside whether they have money or not. Don’t link the negative emotions you have towards someone to money; this would block your flow of happiness if you wish to acquire money.

Don’t expect money to solve all your problems: Money is not the path to happiness, it will never make your life more meaningful, and it will only help you solve the financial problems.

Spend money on things that make you feel good: It is always good to spend money rationally, but you also deserve to enjoy the fruit of your labor.  When you buy something that makes you feel good, you encourage a positive reaction about money, and when you feel good about what you have done with the money, you tend to be more productive and earn more money.

Don’t entrust your finances to others: Try not to give your money to a third party to invest it, try to invest in your own ideas and do not succumb to beliefs that limit your ability to create income.
Finally, always keep in mind that money is only printed paper, but you are extremely valuable; you share your unique value with the world, and you contribute to making the word a better place.

Remember that happiness is something that comes from within and move on to gratitude. Always be grateful and know the true value of yourself, and you will be the richest person on Earth!





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