September 14, 2018

Start Again! To New Beginnings!

Do you feel that life has dropped a big ball on your shoulders and tied your feet with a big chain?

Do you feel like you are sleep walking in life unable to move forward frozen by fear? Did your life changed abruptly from one moment to the next and all seems like a catastrophe around you?

Do you feel like you’re drowning in quicksand?

Wait, and listen very carefully.


Look at the ordeal that a caterpillar has to go through to become a beautiful butterfly; it is first a small chrysalis trapped inside a cocoon, then all of a sudden, things change in the most radical way, taking a new structure and the butterfly is free out of her cocoon to wander freely in the word.

Always bear in mind that as human beings, ordeals can bring out our full potential. Think of hundreds and hundreds of people who have done that every day, and you certainly are not an exception.

You are in this world once, and you should benefit from every single second. To start over, you should be with full strength, you need to make some changes and take action! No one else will do that for you.

To make sure you are on the right path, here are few tips crucial for success!

Let go of the past- Don’t repeat what happened over and over in your head, we all tend to do that in hard times! Just let go of any negative thought that crosses your mind because these thoughts can keep you trapped in the past unable to move forward.

Learn new skills- to be able to rise again you need to acquire a new set of skills; this gives you back your self-confidence and open up new horizons and opportunities.

Start something new- There might be something you have always wanted to do but you never did, when things are shaken up, it is best to start something new! This will fill your life with a new meaning and will give you motivation, confidence and joy.

Stay on the right track- Remember to be patient- A plant doesn’t grow within a night; it needs time and care to grow, and this is the case of everything you do! You have to put a lot of energy and work to achieve any endeavor.

Be grateful- Remember all things you should be grateful for even though it is hard to do that in times of crises. Practice gratitude and you will be a much happier person.

These tips will help you bounce back and overcome the crisis!

This doesn’t mean that life will become the same again regaining its previous shape; it means that you will adapt to the new trajectory and find happiness again!

In life you are the star of your show, and you can shine regardless of your age and position, experiences and obstacles, you can overcome the obstacles and make the next chapter of your life the best ever!












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