September 20, 2023

Tips to Feng Shui your Office

Whether you work in a large or small office, whether you have your own office, have a home office or work in a shared office, you can make your work space more pleasant and profitable if you use the feng-shui principles.

For a start, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese Philosophy that dictates that people can use the natural forces, called ch’i, to promote prosperity, success, health and harmony in any environment. At its core, the feng shui strives for a peaceful, harmonious and balanced co-existence between men, women and their surroundings.

These days, many large corporations such as Virgin Airways, British Airways, Microsoft, Midland Bank, Harvey Nichols, the offices of The Wall Street Journal, The Hong Kong Bank, Shanghai Bank, and Morgan Bank have used Feng Shui to improve their business and harmony within the business world.

Why don’t you do the same?



Here are some do’s and don’ts to benefit from whether you work in a cubicle, have a separate office or is working from a work office:

In a Cubicle Office

Place your desk facing the door to be in a command position with a wall behind you for support.
Centre yourself by placing an earth element, such a nature poster behind you.
Position your PC or Laptop on the west side of your desk to enhance creativity or on the southeast to generate income.
Place a plant in a red pot on the east side of your desk to encourage good health and energise your workspace, or in the southeast for wealth. Bamboo and money trees are top picks.
Strategically place symbols of good fortune — the dragon, phoenix, unicorn and turtle — in your workspace.
Place red objects (such as candles) on the south corner of your desk to attract recognition for your efforts. Crystals have the same effect if placed in the south or on window sills.
DON'T sit with your back to the door, because, symbolically, business enters through it. If you can't move your desk, attach a mirror on your monitor so you can see people approaching.
Keep cacti or sharp plants on your desk, as they create fierce ch'i.
DON'T be careless with files. They represent your past, present, and future business so they should be stored efficiently to encourage future success.
DON'T work in a cluttered space. Get rid of anything old or items that harbor bad memories (such as a report your manager panned).
DON'T face your desk towards stairs, storage rooms, elevators, escalators, or toilets, which are thought to be distracting.
Bring an odd number of healthy plants to your office to stimulate vibrant energy.
In a separate office

If you have the luxury of a separate office, you have more freedom to adapt the feng shui principles and enhance the energy flow.

Here are few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:

Make your office entry inviting by adding beautiful items, such as fresh flowers, that attract positive ch'i.
Hide cables and cords; their presence represents and creates a sense of chaos.
Place the fax machine, telephone or computers in the southeast of your officem where you have the 'wealth' area to encourage more business.
Place an aquarium in the north to activate business success. Remember that water attracts good health.
DON'T allow broken or faulty equipment to be visible.
DON'T settle for second rate chairs. Proper office furniture allows you to work in ergonomic comfort and offers a strong sense of stability and safety.
DON'T: Leave dead flowers in the office.
DON'T hang large mirrors in reception, as ch'i entering the office will be reflected back outside.


In a Home Office

If you are working from home, you have several chances to modify your works pace and adjust it as per Feng Shui Principles.

Here are few do’s and don’ts:

  1. Have your office as far from your bedroom as possible.

  2. Decorate your office with specific images of nature and water and with feng shui colors. Be creative in decorating your office.

  3. Position your desk in a commanding position to attract stronger and more successful energies to your work area.

  4. Successfully separate your home office from your personal and family space, set up boundaries and establish a routine. Here are some great suggestions for creating an office space and a routine that will foster success, discipline and privacy:

    1. Shut your door when you work.

    2. Screen your view so you can’t see the rest of the house.

    3. Set up and keep office hours.

    4. Use a separate phone line for business.

    5. Dress well when you work at home—it enhances your chi

    6. Use ritual to separate home and work energy—this can be lighting a candle, turning on music, or misting with water before you begin working.

    7. Keep business and personal stuff separate to avoid distractions.

    8. Don’t use the dining room table as a desk—it will make you feel torn between work and family.

  5. Have a solid wall behind you or a solid, high-backed chair

  6. De-clutter your desk and office; put only items that you use daily on your desk

  7. You should be able to reach everything easily

  8. Hide wires and computer cords

  9. Add living plants

  10. Make sure you have a pleasant view while seated at your desk

  11. Hang images, affirmations, mottos, or other items that inspire you

  12. Infuse your office with your personality—it will foster and support personal growth

  13. Soften sharp edges with plants or fabric

  14. Place photos of family members and mentors

  15. Choose furniture and accessories that speak to you of prosperity, abundance, success

  16. Relieve stress with music, a table fountain, or aromatherapy

  17. Keep stress and irritability to a minimum by choosing furniture with rounded corners or positioning sharp corners out of traffic flow.

  18. Avoid heavy boxes on the floor.




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