March 1, 2023

Finding Happiness at Work without a High Salary

Have you ever wondered if people who don’t earn a high salary could ever be happy with their job?


Although happiness at work usually increases with salary, there are notable exceptions to that rule.


Here are some reasons how someone can be happy even with a heart-breaking paycheck.


First, they are at their dream job; According to a global survey, thirty percent of the workers are at their dream job or working in a similar or close domain. This grants them an inner happiness regardless of the paycheck they receive at the end of the month.


Second, the work schedule and location; Working five days a week and leaving work physically and mentally at five is worth a lot for people, who can enjoy their life, go for a morning walk, or be with kids and family after the working hours. In addition, if the work place is near your house, this saves you transportation cost and valuable time spent on the road. This is also an added benefit in many cases.


Third, colleagues play a major role in these decisions; if your manager is supportive and your colleagues are more like good friends, you sacrifice the paycheck for the joy of being around nice people. In addition, having the decision making autonomy is also worth letting go of a higher salary in a company where you don’t have any say.


Fourth, some jobs offer great benefits and exposure chances; this allows you to develop your career, expand your network and enlarge your professional experience.


Fifth, some jobs offer an inner fulfilment; a feeling of being helpful, and being able to make a difference in people’s lives. Not everyone can enjoy this truly rewarding feeling, which is worth sacrificing the paycheck.


To sum it up, even though earning more money facilitates your life, having a pay rise is not always straight forward. Where possible, try to focus your attention on the bits of your job you love.