June 4, 2023

Becoming More Presentable at Work

Image is important. You can transform your position, responsibilities, and even your title by focusing on being more presentable at work.


Follow these easy steps:

1. Give yourself an instant promotion. Promote yourself in your mind. Decide to start dressing and acting the part of someone 2 levels above your current role. You are going to be surprised that people will start seeing you in a different way.

2. Upgrade your accessories; use a nice pen, carry a nice briefcase, buy nice shoes and keep them polished.

3. Get your hair cut when you need it and style it in a professional way.

4. Suit up; your choice of clothing will determine how others view you.

5. Choose your words wisely, listen carefully and don’t exaggerate. Create accurate and thoughtful communications that depict an attentive you.


It is about focus, not perfection. Begin immediately to be more presentable at work by focusing on these 5 easy tips. I know that you can do it. Start today !!