June 2, 2023

Team Building with a twist

The worst thing that can happen in your workplace is a coffee crisis. The second worst thing that can happen in your workplace is the failure to maintain a great team spirit and effective teamwork.


You are probably thinking “Oh, another team-building workshop article”, but my friends, this is team building with a twist.


Let’s face it, none of us would be happy if we are sat down to listen to someone talking about the pros and cons of teamwork. Why not make it more fun and engaging?


Team building is about overcoming obstacles in the smoothest way possible by benefiting the company. I would suggest dedicating a whole day that focuses on bonding, creativity, fun, and of course teamwork.


You can start your day with a team made breakfast.


First, you’d want to have 2 teams of 3-4 people minimum. Each team is introduced to the same ingredients and have 30 minutes to come up with the most creative breakfast exaction. I mean, what’s a day off without food?


Your day out does not have to consist of just food and games. You can include few guest speakers to better inform your employees about a certain topic that may, or may not be related to your field of work. I would suggest giving one team the task of finding at least one speaker. This will enforce their curiosity and strengthen their decision-making skills.


Game time!

Here is a list of some cool games that could act as icebreakers throughout your day. My personal favorites are:

  -Picture Pieces Game.

  -Battle of the Air bands.

  -Back-to-Back Drawing.

  -Office Trivia.

  -Salt and Pepper.                          


  -Dare Jenga!                                 

  -Mad Lib Mission Statement.

  -The Meta Team Building Exercise.


You can always tweak the games in a way that suits your companies’ objectives and goals.


Besides, many places and sports are designed in ways that require teamwork. Outings in such spaces will excite your teams and allow them to step out of their confront zone. Some examples could be, Escape the Room, wall climbing, maybe team sports, or even a karaoke space. This will smoothen and comfort the relationships between your employees leading to better working outcomes.


You see, you don’t need to go all out and spend a lump sum on your “team building day” to turn it into a twist. All you need is good management and accurate division of tasks which its self is a team-building exercise. Let everyone have a say in how this day will turn out, it will get them more engaged.


The thing is, we all put more effort into what we are doing if we know that we are doing it for ourselves to enjoy.