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‘Ace that Job Interview’ a Webinar that will help you get recruited

By Hady Safa
Date Tuesday, July 23, 2019 / Duration 59 min / Time 4:00 PM

Although the market is a tough one for landing a job, there are many initiatives that can be taken by applicants in order to enhance their chances in getting hired. During this webinar, Dr. Hady Safa will discuss what applicants have control on when applying for a job, finding the right match for their own competencies, and the right environment for their values.

The speaker

Hady Safa

“As one of the arab world’s renowned management consultants and motivational speakers, Hady is a vibrant inspirer and a highly-trusted resource in business and professional circles for Lebanese and Arab CEOs, non-profit and business leaders from all sectors. For two decades he has not only profoundly experimented competencies development, but also has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals think and act strategically. Hady has a PhD in Talent Management, and currently is the Managing Partner of Standards – Consulting and Training. ”

What will you learn?

  • Self Branding and Self Image
  • Prospecting the right company
  • It’s not only what you’re doing, but also how and where you’re doing it
  • CV highlights. Do’s and Don’ts
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Playing your winners
  • Listen… Think… Process… Speak