Remote Job Success Tips

Are you starting a new job remotely? Here is how to be prepared and successful. Starting your new job remotely, rather than in the office, comes with a few challenges. It means not being able to meet your new colleagues and manager in person, at least not right away. You need to adapt to new […]

Communication is Key!

Communication is key! You have heard that numerous times throughout your life, but did you know that the same rule is applicable in your professional life too? Similar to a relationship, too many miscommunications can lead to unhappiness and even result in someone deciding to break up completely. In fact, good communication in the workplace […]

Motivating Remote Work

Work, work, work … from home. I’m sure many of us have tired working from home. We feel stuck in a routine that we can’t escape, and rather than being able to finish work and relax, we are trapped in a continuous loop in which our work and home lives are no longer separate. So, […]

Online Job Application

We all have been there. We apply for a job online, and million questions start crossing our minds. Questions like “Should I write something in the email body or just attach the CV?” OR “Who should I address the email to?” Always write a clear email subject. The way you send an email says a […]

Virtual Professionalism

COVID-19 took the world by storm and changed the professional world as we know it. We went from meeting in offices with managers to video conferences from home in our pyjamas, and it seems as if the concept of interviews has completely changed… but has it? The shift towards working from home was so rapid […]

Automated Unemployment

The future of technology is essential and compelling, encompassing different elements that come and go and will influence many instances and situations in the future. This trend that is much fabled and talked about in the business world and is causing much commotion is automation. Too many things can be said about automation and the […]