Develop an Afternoon Routine

People emphasize on the need of how to maximize their mornings, actually, morning routine—whatever it may be—is fine. The need lies in an afternoon routine. You start the day with full energy backed up by a protein-rich breakfast and a cup of strong black coffee. In the afternoon, energy dips, drained from the energy put […]

Details to Keep For Yourself in an Interview

When attending an interview, people tend to be nervous. This is quite normal. However, an interview attendant should always remember what he should and should not talk about in an interview. Babbling about irrelevant or personal details may jeopardize the whole process and might cost you the chance to be qualified for a position you […]

The Emotional Bank Account

In today’s world, most people have a money account, in which we make deposits, save up money, and when we need that money later, we withdraw it. Based on that principle, Stephen Covey talked about the Emotional Bank Account. His theory became one of the most powerful ideas ever created for the development of interpersonal […]

Being the Best at What You Do…

Who among us does not dream of excelling, of being a successful person, of making huge amount of money and of being considered as a reference in his work field? To achieve this “dream”, various things must be taken into consideration. The first of which is the reason why you want to achieve this success. […]

What do successful people do in the period before noon?

Research indicates that individuals who embrace early mornings tend to lead more fulfilling lives compared to night owls, coupled with better health outcomes. Many successful business professionals align with the early riser lifestyle, adopting specific practices to maximize the benefits of their mornings.   For those who thrive in the early hours, here are insights […]

Effective Job Search Strategies for Challenging Markets

Don’t let bad economic news deter you from job-hunting. Many companies that announce layoffs today are hiring for new positions tomorrow.   Here are some effective tips: Start your job search with a plan. Your plan should include the type(s) of job you seek, the employers you prefer, and a strategy for obtaining a position […]