Upskilling in 2021

Upskilling has become increasingly relevant over the past years. There are several reasons for this but the foremost important one is that the growing digital skills gap many companies face. Upskilling is the process of acquiring new and relevant competencies needed today and within the near future. Common samples of upskilling efforts include digital skills, […]

Tips from a recruiter to succeed in your phone interviews

If your phone interview is actually with a recruiter who found you via LinkedIn or another source, that’s awesome! You’ll want to express enthusiasm for the opportunity and speaking with them, even if you’re not actually all that interested in the role. But before we dive into the actual tips for phone interviews, why do […]

Tips for success when starting a new job remotely

Are you starting a new job remotely? Here’s how to be prepared and be successful. Starting your new job remotely rather than in the office comes with a few challenges, as it means not being able to meet your new colleagues and manager in person, at least not straight away. It also means having to […]

How to Use Better Communication to Increase Retention

Communication is key! You have heard that numerous times throughout your lives, but did you know that the same rule applies to the workplace as well? Just like in a relationship, too many miscommunications can lead to unhappiness and could even result in someone deciding to break up completely. In fact, good communication in the […]

Staying Motivated While Working from Home 

Work, work, work… from home. I’m sure that many of us have been feeling tired of working from home. We feel stuck in a routine that we can’t escape, and rather than being able to finish work and relax we’re stuck in a continuous loop in which our work and home lives are no longer […]

Tips for Online Job Applications

We’ve all been there. We would be applying for a job and a million questions start crossing our minds. We ask questions like “should I write something in the email body or just attach the CV?” or “who should I address the email to?”. Always write a clear email subject. The way you send an […]